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  1. Less than a week left to get tickets - if you want more details you can read more about our event on the BBC Get Creative page http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/2mKtLtk3RPwgJNYxYnhg6c3/astro-art-be-a-star-artist
  2. Hi All, I'm running an event on the 3rd of October which combines astronomy and art: we have some great speakers from Manchester Univiersity and the astronomy community, plus classes on science poetry and astro art. It should be a fun evening for all ages and abilities so come along and join us! The event is free, but due to space limitations at the Godlee (no pun intended) please register your interest online (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/written-in-the-stars-tickets-18432356675). Hope to see a number of you there S stars1.pdf
  3. Hi Everyone I’m currently setting up a science/art crossover event at the Godlee Observatory in Manchester (UK) on the evening of the 3rd of October. The plan is to combine some interesting and inspiring presentations on urban astro, telescopes and photography with a range of creative activities - including poetry and sketching. The idea is that the event will have a broad appeal attracting both amateur astronomers and interested laymen. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in coming along to help out on the night - Specifically, I’m looking for people in the local area who would like to bring along their telescopes, discuss their kit, donate images (I’m planning to have a number of images around the room noting location and equipment used) or anyone willing to show their sketches and perhaps lead a group on astronomical sketching. Any offers of help will be hugely appreciated (helpers will also get first pick of our astronomy themed cakes!). Also, if anyone is interested in coming along please let me know. Tickets are not available yet but places will be limited by the size of the venue, so if you fancy coming I can reserve you a place (It should be a great opportunity to bring friends and family too - since there will be activities for all levels of experience) Cheers More details on the event can be found here: http://funpalaces.co.uk/discover/written-in-the-stars-an-evening-of-urban-astronomy-and-creative-writing/
  4. Blue moon you saw me standing alone....

  5. Hi Welcome to the site - everyone here is really friendly so I'm sure you'll get on well....I'm also pretty new to astro and happen to be a neuroscience researcher, specifically intersted in sensory neuro and memory . Good luck, and hope to hear more from you soon
  6. Another weekend another chance to get outside...come on weather give me a break!

  7. Finally get outside and my tripod breaks...great :s

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ronin


      Mechanical, electrical, software? Post in the Mounts section someone may be able to help.

    3. S-Nova


      I'm an astro newbie, so was just practicing with a REALLY old mount of mine...it's basically not worth fixing...so I think it's time to give FLO some money :D (it starts!)

    4. xtreemchaos
  8. Hi Both, welcome to SGL from one helf of another astronomy couple
  9. These would probably make a great teaching resource, especially if formatted into trump cards? Is anyone here a teacher? what do you think?
  10. Since when was this summer...wonder who I can write to to complain..

    1. ronin


      Did you miss the 2 days of it? \It rained on day 3, one of the papers were predicting mass deaths from the heat as I recall. Train companies were explaining why all trains would grind to a halt owing to expansion and bending. None of it happened.

    2. Gutross


      You can complain to the operators of the Large hadron Collider, people who oposed it were spouting off silly stuff, Like it will open a wormhole, they are secretly opening a gateway to hell, and my favorite, it is a weather control device so they may call down epic disasters on enemy countries. Got to love the tabloids!

    3. S-Nova


      letter is in the post...somehow I knew CERN would be behind it all - teasing us with a few warm days here and there...we call it progress, but at what expense ;)

  11. Two cats on a tin roof, which one falls first? The one with the smallest Mu.
  12. A photon walks into a hotel and the porter asks "do you need any help with your luggage?" The photon replies "no thanks I'm travelling light." boom boom
  13. Nice to meet everyone! Really want to get out tonight and have a 'shot' at some wide field work....weather looking temperamental though - then again clouds do add individuality to a picture...fingers crossed there aren't too many
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