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  1. Cheers John, Suspected as much about the meniscus lens. Clear skies
  2. Thanks for the pointers Warthog. Long time, no see - welcome back. Hope you get clear skies soon.
  3. Hi all, If all goes well I'll soon be getting a SW Skymax 180 Pro Mak-Cass scope. Realizing that it'll need some sort of dew control I'd like advice on what to get. Would a dew shield on its own be enough, or will it need one combined with a heater strip? Of the different dew heater systems & controllers available what brands/models are good? AstroZap? Kendrick? Thanks in advance an clear skies
  4. The "Astro Chair", from BuyAstroStuff in the States seems similar to the Stardust but has a totally variable, not stepped, seat adjustment. They're comfy, sturdy and adjust from an 18" (45cm) to a 32" (81.5cm) seat height. They'll ship to Europe, are friendly to deal with and reply to e-mails quickly. These are little pricey (~$170 shipped to Spain), but still the cheapest "proper" astrochair I could find - apart from ironing stools or a DIY Denver chair.
  5. Kris77, it'll go from just under 18" (45cm) to 32" (81.5cm). Clear skies
  6. You wouldn't go far wrong with of these, from BuyAstroStuff. They'll ship to Europe, are friendly to deal with and reply to e-mails quickly. They're very comfy and sturdy. if a little pricy ($170 shipped to Spain). But still the chaepest "proper" astrochair I could find apart from ironing stools or a DIY Denver chair.
  7. Hi all, Just found this amazing image via Slashdot: NASA's Great Observatories Examine the Galactic Center Region And to download the image files: HubbleSite NewsCenter Just jaw dropping, eh?
  8. Gary, Here's some info on those screws for you. The Dec. worm assembly retaining screws are, at least on my CG-5, "M-Five" (Metric 5) standard screws. Replacement of the two horizontal hex screws:- A shaft length of 3~4cm seems about right, passing through the whole length of the threaded hole and out the other side, spreading the torque across all the available thread. It allows placement of a washer under the head - a good idea seeing as how soft the casting is (mine was marked after only a few slackenings and retightenings during adjustment). It also permits the use of a washer and nut on the inside of the housing - there's lots of space and nothing to foul in there - if you have already managed to strip the threads to any degree. And the two vertical hex screws:- A shaft of 2cm is all that there is room for without fouling the worm mounting shaft. Sufficient length to place a washer at either end and a nut at the bottom to hold things together.
  9. Gary, One word of warning if you're going to do an AstronomyBoy on your CG-5. It is very easy to strip the threads out of the holes in the castings that the worm assemblies mount onto when you're adjusting the mesh of the worm gears. I know from experience. The repeated tightening and slackening needed whilst adjusting the set screw is what did it to mine. That and the monkey metal the casings are made from. Good luck with the strip/rebuild.
  10. Hi red dwalf, There's a guide to the CG-5 over at AstronomyBoy. One word of warning - it is very easy to strip the threads out of the holes in the castings that the worm assemblies screw into when you're adjusting the mesh of the worm gears. I know from experience:o! HTH
  11. Had been looking for one myself and found this at Teleskop Service: Skywatcher ED80 Case for Skywatcher, Vixen & Orion 80/600 ED scopes. Rang them and was told that the Celestron C80 ED-R wouldn't fit as it was too long. Then found an Orion case for their 80 ED Apo. The Celestron fits perfectly - after a little trimming of the foam. I'm told Orion have decatalogued/discontinued the case. You might be lucky and still find one somewhere in the supply chain. Doubt this is any use to you as they're in Terrassa, NE Spain - but here's a link to where I got mine: Valkanik - Maleta Orion Deluxe para R-80ED.
  12. Matthew thanks for a good review. Great timing too, I've been toying with the idea of getting one to leave at my mothers house for when I visit. She could even use it for birding too. Clear skies.
  13. Hi all, You could try Agena Astro Products in the States. They do end caps to fit both ends of the EP. Shipping rates seem reasonable, just ordered a couple myself plus a few other small bits 'n' bobs and it's only come to $6 or so.
  14. Hi there, You could try this website: 7Timer. Follow the link to APanel and enter your latitude & longitude, or just use the country/county/town selector to choose your nearest town. Its a bit like the Clear Sky Chart, but seems to work for anywhere in the world. As for other weather conditions, you might find this web page on the Cloudy Nights forum useful: The Atmosphere & Observing - A Guide to Astronomical Seeing. Hope this is what you're after. Clear skies.
  15. Hi there, Wind can cause that blurriness at higher magnification you've been getting. This short article on the Cloudy Nights forum explains it a lot better than I can: The Atmosphere & Observing - A Guide to Astronomical Seeing. EDIT: Sound advice from John. Clear skies.
  16. StarCalc is another relatively unknown one - found only a few mentions on the forum with a search. Been using it for about four years, from well before I got my first scope. It's freeware for Win 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP, don't know if it will work under Vista/Win7. Has a small memory footprint and won't hog your processor. Looks a bit dated, but works fine for me under XP and has all the functionality that I need as a newbie. Though I'm not sure if it has all the bells 'n' whistles an experienced stargazer would want. However, the "latest" version does boast ASCOM telescope control.
  17. Hi all, Having seen the Pleiades for the fist time the other night - Wow it was like looking into a jewel-box! Well I've caught a mild dose of eyepiece fever. I'm hankering after something that will give me a really wide tFOV with my f/7.5 C80ED-R - the 2" diagonal is on the way. After rummaging around on the web it seems that the choice within my price range boils down to the following: Revelation 42/50mm (re-badged GSO?), tFOV = 4.55/4.58º Skywatcher Aero ED SWA 40mm, tFOV = 4.53º Moonfish Superview 50mm (the 42mm is sold out), tFOV = 4.5º Rigel Widefield 38mm, tFOV = 4.43º William Optics SWAN 40mm, tFOV = 4.8º. Comments, thoughts or opinions about any of these EPs welcomed. Especially to do with performance/image quality or their "fit & finish". Anyone know the weights of these beasties? The only one I could find was 570gr for the WO SWAN. Thank you. PS Found this useful page on my travels round the web: Ken's Telescope Calculator .
  18. Hi all, I have a Celestron 6 x 30 finder scope, the kind that has a quick release dovetail bracket - a bit like this one. There are two adjustment screws and a spring loaded bolt holding the finder in place at one end of the sleeve, whilst there is a rubber o-ring holding it at the other. The rubber o-ring on mine has broken. Does anyone know of a source of replacements for these? Or even if they are some standard bit that I could find in any ironmongers? Thanks & clear skies.
  19. Can anyone tell me if most/all 2" diagonals come with filter threads on the 1.25" adapter, or is it only this Stellarvue? You see, I already have a couple of 1.25" filters - a moon filter (Opticstar ND96 25%) and a light pollution filter (Skywatcher LPR).
  20. Thanks tinvek for the heads up on Telescope Planet - it's where I bought my C80ED-R. And, yes, I have had a bit of a taste of the problems mentioned in some of those posts. However things did get put right - eventually (won't bore anyone with the story as enough seems to have been written on them already).
  21. Thanks for the advice John, much appreciated.
  22. Hi John, Thanks for the reply. Now I have more questions : As a newbie would I find any appreciable difference between the cheaper Revelation diagonal you linked and this Wiliam Optics 2" Dielectric? Is this Celestron 2" XLT Diagonal worth considering?. Thanks.
  23. Hi there, I have recently bought a scope and am thinking of getting a new diagonal for it. Reading around on the internet I've seen it mentioned that this is one area where the manufacturers really cut corners on quality. Is there any advantage to a 2" diagonal over a 1 1/4", as some suggest? Are there any brands/models to avoid, or to go for? Are there any that would work particularly well with the Celestron C80ED-R refractor (d 80mm, fl 600mm, f/7.5)? Thankyou.
  24. Thanks to all for the warm welcome. Doc, it's mounted on a CG-5.
  25. Thought I'd say a big "Hi" to all. I'm based in Catalunya (NE Spain). Always been interested in SF,science and astronomy but only recently bought my first scope - a Celestron C80ED-R.
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