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  1. david o


    Hi there Mr B, welcome to SGL
  2. david o


    Hi there Stu, welcome to SGL
  3. david o


    Hi there Blind Io, welcome to SGL A fan of the Discworld series by any chance?
  4. david o

    Hello SGL!

    Hi there joseph, welcome to SGL
  5. Hi there Martyn, welcome (back) to SGL
  6. Hi there Stargazer, welcome to the forum
  7. Hi there Dave, welcome to SGL
  8. david o


    Hi there Chrissy, welcome to SGL
  9. david o


    Hi there Dave, welcome to SGL
  10. Hi there jalapeno, welcome to SGL
  11. Hi there estronal, welcome to SGL
  12. Hi there Acamar, welcome to SGL
  13. david o


    Hi there TB, welcome to SGL
  14. david o

    Hi all

    Congrats on the new 'scope KR
  15. david o


    Hi there Stonezafu, welcome to SGL
  16. Hi there Andy, welcome to SGL
  17. Hi there Ben, welcome to SGL
  18. david o


    Hi there Anweniel, welcome to SGL
  19. Hi there Dai, welcome to SGL
  20. Hi there Haz, welcome to SGL Another vote for Making Every Photon Count (by SGL's very own steppenwolf). Easy to read, it's full of good advice aimed at the imaging novice, including choosing the right equipment - explaining what kit you'll need and, more importantly, why. Helping you avoid poor choices and costly mistakes. There's also loads of tips 'n' tricks as well as lots of other vital stuff. Also have a trawl through the imaging sections too. They're full of info and some very experienced and talented folk who, I'm sure, will be more than happy to share advice and guidance with you.
  21. david o

    Hello I'm new

    Hi there, welcome to SGL
  22. Hi there Pud, welcome to SGL
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