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  1. Thanks StarryEyed, Brought tears to my eyes all over again. Is it me, or is the presenter right at the start choking up along with the rest of us?
  2. Chris, For the ins 'n' outs of choosing EPs, you might find this post a help in guiding you through the basics: "Eyepieces - the very least you need". Also there is/was a primer ( "Understanding and choosing eyepieces" by Andrew* ) here in the forum, but I can't seem to find it any-more. I'd be tempted not to buy anything for now, just use what came with the 'scope. With eyepiece time under your belt you'll know what needs replacing or if there's a "gap" that needs filling. HTH 
  3. Hi Chris, Welcome aboard. You'll find us a friendly bunch, lots of fine folk, all willing to share advice and experience. Ask away, 'cause around here the only stupid questions are the ones you don't ask
  4. Finally got first light with the Dob on Friday 27th. What a treat, 1st light, a total lunar eclipse and Mars opposition!  Got out to a local picnic area with the Dob and the 'frac. The spot is surrounded by trees that block ambient light from the local town and villages. The LP was bad with high humidity and some cloud. After an hour and a half or so it clouded completely, bringing the session to an end. Seeing was bad, even low power views showed broiling (40mm Plössl at 30x in the Dob and 32mm Plössl at 19x in the 'frac). It'll need several more visits to the site to see if it's a problem generally with the location or not. Arrived too late to catch Venus and only got the last 3rd or so of the eclipse. Took in Mars obviously. Also bagged Jupiter and Saturn. Highlights of the night? During moments of better seeing :- four bright, pinpoint Galilean moons lined up either side of Jupiter with the Dob. the Moon almost filling the whole view in the EP, with both 'scopes. Mars, with the 'frac. All in all, despite the appalling LP, terrible seeing and clouds a very satisfying return to astronomy. The fire's been relit and the mojo is working again. In a strange way feels like I've come home
  5. Update. Finally got 1st light with the Dob last Friday. What a treat, 1st light, a total lunar eclipse and Mars opposition! Can't wait to get out again :)
  6. Welcome aboard Pete, around here the only stupid questions are the ones you don't ask :)
  7. Apart from expressing my astonishment at the sartorial elegance displayed in the thread I have to ask, Neil, where did you buy/acquire the Russian observing hood?
  8. Hi 2Karl, Welcome aboard. You'll find a friendly forum full of fine folks, all willing to share advice and experience. Remember, the only stupid questions are the ones you don't ask :)
  9. Hi Chris, Welcome aboard :)
  10. Hi all, Thanks for the welcome. Cletrac1922, it's a solid tube Dob. Just about as basic and as simple as can be. Hopefully this little beast can light my fire and get my mojo working ...
  11. Just to say hello, back after a long hiatus. Spent the last 5 years setting up and running a bar, here in Catalunya (NE Spain). The business has cut down the time and energy I have for all of my hobbies. Recently got a 2nd hand 8" GSO Dob (the basic model) at an irresistible price, lets see if it can help me rekindle at least one of my passions.
  12. Hi, You may find some, or all, of these links are what you want. Dredged them out of the morass of my bookmarks file. There might be other stuff out there on the web that could fit your needs better though. Books: How to Make a Telescope (ISBN-13: 978-0943396040) Build Your Own Telescope (ISBN-13: 978-0943396699) The Dobsonian Telescope: A Practical Manual for Building Large Aperture Telescopes (ISBN-13: 978-0943396552) Setting-Up a Small Observatory: From Concept to Construction (ISBN-13: 978-0387345215) Programs: Dale Keller's Newt Software Sinclair Optics OSLO (an Introduction to OSLO optical design software) HTH Will you be documenting the project? It would be interesting to watch it's progress, if you're willing to share it with us.
  13. Just heard this awful news... Words sort of fail me right now, so I'll keep it simple: Thank-you Sir Patrick, rest in peace. "Until next time... Goodnight."
  14. david o

    hello all

    Hi there, welcome to SGL Hope you enjoy your new 'scope. And, if you have any questions don't worry. The folks around here are a friendly and helpful bunch.
  15. david o

    Hi all!

    Hi there Baz, welcome to SGL Before making a start with astro-photography I second that you read Making Every Photon Count (by SGL's very own steppenwolf). Easy to read, it's full of good advice aimed at the imaging novice, including choosing the right equipment - explaining what kit you'll need and, more importantly, why. Helping you avoid poor choices and costly mistakes. There's also loads of tips 'n' tricks as well as lots of other vital stuff. Have a trawl through the imaging sections too. They're full of info and some very experienced and talented folk who, I'm sure, will be more than happy to share advice and guidance with you. HTH
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    Hi From Fife

    Hi there GeeO, welcome to SGL You may find StarCalc worth a look.
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    Hi all

    Hi there papajupe, welcome to the forum
  18. Hi there Asrtobob, welcome to SGL
  19. Hi there Dave, welcome to SGL
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    Hi there Jason, welcome to SGL
  21. Hi there slinger, welcome to the forum
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    Hi there Kato, welcome to the forum
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