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  1. Very new to these areas. Can I presume that 2.3.5 beta will be for general released at some stage as I see that one has to register with Team Celestron. I don’t think that I would be up to speed as most of this technology talk goes right over my head. I think paraphrasing Forrest Gump “simple is as simple does” would express my newbie level of experience/ability.
  2. I must admit that the CPWI software was very nice when i first looked at it. The thought of laptop control was great as it effectively meant a no touch when used with the Celestron focuser. I had initially become frustrated trying to hold a laptop, slew for alignment, centre and finish the process while trying to look through the eyepiece, put glasses on to look at the computer screen and all in the dark. THEN through the lounge the option of XBOX controller was revealed. Such a difference. So pleased. Just a small question. Has anyone noticed that the programme takes it’s time to load? On my new laptop (Windows 10). It can take up to 2 to 3 minutes. Touching the keys during this time can make the programme show “not responding” and the laptop has to be closed and rebooted. Any suggestions on this issue?
  3. Hi I am not sure how a member is able to ask a question directly of the member who posts an entry. I am trying to see more of the pictures offered on the Fellside Obsey post. I am interested is seeing the roof structure, rolling gear and weather proofing to try and glean some ideas for how i can complete my own structure, roof wise. Thanks
  4. Hi. I have been looking for roof options on my nearly completed hut/observatory conversion. I see you have a sloping roof which slides out over an original or lower roof. Do you have any advice or points of caution IRO weather sealing and the gable ends? maybe the attached pics shows my structure. I want to roll a ROR out over the smaller structure or I will create a sliding hatch over the higher sloping roof.
  5. Hi. I had been thinking along the same lines. I also got a quote from Surespan and buckled at even the manual version. I thought I would see if I could get a more reasonable quote from Surespan in Ireland as I live there. Not a bad idea I thought but soon got the rudest email from a salesperson suggesting I was trying to undermine him. I didn’t know he represented both Surespan UK and Ireland. My first thought was how dare he. His job was to sell his product and why shouldn’t I try to get a better deal. Enough of my rant. How did your project with the prefab hatch get on. If successful how did you manage weather proofing on the side that had to move up out of the road to roll over? Hoping to hear from you. SJ McH
  6. Hi. Given the numbers of pictures, posts etc etc there are lots of people browsing the net/site for information and sharing same. I am at the final stages of an observatory build. I have been dogged by one major problem and that is roof opening. In an ideal world a ROR would be needed but my roofer/builder has been very slow. I settled to have the roof closed in for two reasons. Firstly to have some sense of completion the roof was fixed and closed. Secondly the builder was very reluctant or could not fathom the ROR option. He fears the generally rainy stormy winter weather blowing in from the Atlantic would potentially see the roof leak or worse still lift off in a storm. I am considering a slide away hatch option. Could you advise how you managed this part of your build and how did you weather proof? I see one of you pictures shows rails extending over the roof. Are these telescopic as the do not appear to be present in other pictures? Hoping for inspiration. SJMcH
  7. Hi

    looking for answers on roof design, roll off details and weather sealing. What information do you need to give advice. 

    I doubt if an on site assessment is feasible as i like in extreme NW Ireland.

    The pictures show the obey portion of the build on the left.




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  8. Hi currently in process of finishing a building to house my SCT 11inch tube. Currently the scope is housed in a hut. The original plan was for a concrete pier to extend up through to a second level with either direct mounting of my Celestron pro Eq mount onto a pier plate or onto a steel pier tip. As is stands at present I have a 600mm diameter footer pier onto which I proposed to add a 300-400mm concrete pier up to the second level. Ultimately when the decision was being made about a roof I considered a sliding roof hatch but the cost was excessive (7000pounds). My attention then was drawn to a ROR but my builder could not fathom the concept and raised concerns re weather proofing and potential high winds. This finishing touch is now on hold. The roof is closed and the scope is mobile on a dolly to outside the hut. Not the most ideal situation for consistent alignment and permanency. Does anyone know where I could access or obtain drawn up plans for a ROR. I have attached a photo of my hut. I would envisage the roof rolling out over a 4 inch squared steel frame taking it’s support off the barge of the smaller hut attached. HELP PLEASE
  9. Hi Just trawling the pages on home observatories. Saw your comments and am interested about the velux option. I will be using a similar setup in an "attic" of a small shed with a concrete pier build up through. I am going up to the "second" floor, like you, to improve access for a better view. I have considered "surespan" sliding Windows but these can be expensive. How did you progress beyond your last thread where your builder advised that the centre pivot could be removed. Thanks in anticipation.
  10. Hi all. Will be building a new block observatory in a elevated coastal location in NW Ireland. Very good dark sky conditions. Structure needs to be solid to avoid potential storm damage. Before joining Stargazer lounge had worked out that my best option was a slightly pitched flat roof with a sliding hatch. Have since seen Sandancer10 using a similar set up for roof access with a Surespan sliding access hatch.. A roll off roof is not possible given potential storm damage or weather ingress. View will be very full if structure built on a two story small hut basis. I have a Celestron CGE Pro with an Edge 11" HD tube. The setup will be on the upper level. If I do not construct a concrete pier which would be from ground level and around 10 feet+ high I envisage using precast concrete floor slabs to place my CGE Pro tripod on. Ultimately to allow access to low horizon I would consider a tripod based elevating pier. To use a Pier Tech 2 or a Polaris precision pier would require anchor bolts in the precast floor but I think this would potentially cause damage to "hollow" precast nature of these slabs let alone hoping that an anchor bolt would not be through into one of the airfilled slab sections. These slabs would have to be bespoke cast given their shorter lengths and thus I could discuss any potential anchoring requirment with the supplier. My big big question is would this very solid floor choice be adequate for astrophotography or would floor vibration be too great or should I go the long concrete pier route.
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