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  1. How did you get access to Hubble? O_o

  2. So for televue, plossl, panoptics, naglers, make no difference in quality just FOV and eye relief? The 6mm and 13mm naglers look like a good end game for eye pieces. Apparently a paracor is a must
  3. What kind of difference in quality/ price am I looking at for eye pieces with these? Which EPs would satisfy these? Also wondering about a coma corrector (if it's needed) and its effects. The last thing I want to do is push the budget on a f/4.4 and find out I have to spend $1200 on 2 EPs... Thank you guys for the wealth of information!
  4. Wish I could edit posts already With Washington weather (consistent rain and clouds) I'm less likely to be out often, so that might make a difference.
  5. Don't those pictures just make you want the 16 more! Haha but yes that's crazy. 113" to 203" that's a big difference. How do you compare the views?
  6. I believe Moon Shane has a guide on improving the planetary views with your large f/5 dob by "masking" it off? I was planning on reading into this today actually! There is a planetary imaging guide for large dobs in the beginner imaging section (it's a sticky) If it were me I'd play with all the DIYs just to expand my knowledge. You probably know this but with imaging you are likely not going to be watching much of anything unless you bring along another scope Looking forward to see what others have to say though.
  7. Did you get your baby yet?!??! Oh a lot of people recommend a decent pair of binocs, 7x50 or 10x50 I believe..
  8. The local club had a meeting a couple days ago, all clouds so no viewing but they had a really cool star hopping guide. They put up a picture of what the stars in our area would look like, and they could go forward/backward in time to see the rotation and what you would see to the north/west/south/east and at what time would be best for certain things. Granted they only showed this season, but it was really cool. Think interactive local star map that can selectively highlight anything you want! Oh and this was all projected onto a dome that you view while laying back in a chair. The only odd part was the major age group difference. Not many youngins like me, and the few youngins that were there appeared to be showing up because of some type of class requirement..(this was at a local college) Super excited for the public star party this weekend though. I just want to buy a damn scope already
  9. Sweet! Love the bike in the background it adds a lot of perspective!
  10. What was your setup for that? That is nice.
  11. Collimation is fairly important from what I hear, but in all honesty an 8" dob and a dark sky is more then anyone needs. Just think about Galileo and Aristotle!
  12. Have a 50mm 1.8 and a 100mm 2.8, how are those for fixed tripod? All the my other lenses are 4+
  13. What kind of tracking systems should I look for?
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