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  1. Thanks everyone for the responses, I have contacted the place we bought it from and they are sending a replacement set.
  2. It must be a manufacturing defect as the black part on the bottom of the lens is larger than the chrome barrel so it does notify into the scope.
  3. The chrome barrel is the right size but the black part on the bottom which slides in to the eyepiece on the scope is slightly bigger so it does not fit.
  4. Hi, I recently purchased a Celestron AstroMaster 130eq along with the AstroMaster accessory kit which included a 2x Barlow lens. I went out to use the Barlow lens only to find it does not actually fit into the eyepiece slot in the telescope. Both are supposedly 1.25", the Barlow lens does appear to be only slightly larger but does not fit in at all. Does anyone know what the problem is or am I being a complete idiot? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, I am currently looking to purchase my first telescope, i have been researching into different scopes and have decided to get either the Skywatcher Explorer 130p or the Celestron Astromaster 130eq. I can pick up the Skywatcher for £175 and the Celestron for £129. I will mainly be using the scopes to look at planets such as Jupiter and Saturn. Which telescope would you recommend for me to buy and why?
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