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  1. hi if the moonlite is expensive, just order it from rob on moonlite directly, i did that for my refractor, nice price, good service, and a fantastic piece of kit. alfi
  2. hi i have a skywatcher explorer 200mm f/5 newt. i was wondering if anyone know if there are bobs knobs for the primary mirror of this scope? i have seen for the secondary, but that is not the most urgent i think, but the primary would have been nice. alfi
  3. hi i saw that, but i read it is the same guider in new packaging, but i have now ordered the LVI, a eq6 pro synscan, a TS duomount, a 2" TS fieldflattener, 7mm and 16mm nirvana EP a Olll filter, and a baader comacorrektor. so now it is like christmas for a week till it gets here! im like a child with new toys! alfi
  4. that is right. i have both the eq5 and the heq5 pro, and there are major diffrences between them, the heq5 pro is a much more sturdy mount. alfi
  5. hi sorry, forgot the link to the one i have ordered. Universelle Bildfeldebnung für Refraktoren von f/5 bis f/8 - Teleskop-Express: DER Astroshop + Fotografie + Naturbeobachtung it is supposed to be very good. alfi
  6. hi im no expert but i dont think those will help you imaging dso, they will make the targets even weaker, and wont give any positive effect, that i know of, that is. filters for dso are usually uhc and o111, or rgb filters if you use a mono camera. alfi
  7. hi a good replacement for the toucams are the celestron neximage, it uses the same chip, and i think it is the best cheap solarsystem imager you can get today. this saves you from looking all over the net to find a old toucam. alfi
  8. hi i have ordered this one for my 80ed and my 150mm f/8, it should do better on your 120ed i think, alfi
  9. hi it has a short fl, and would function wery nice, as far as i can see. im going to use a SW 80ed pro ds myself. alfi
  10. hi stuart its nice to hear it works good. i have read a little on the web, but there is not many rewievs out there. i have taken the plunge and ordered a eq6 pro, a duomount bar, the lvi guider and two nirvana eyepieces. im looking forward to this, im like a child on christmas when i get new kit :-) alfi
  11. hi im looking into buying a lvi smartguide, standalone guidecamera. i like the possibility of using my dslr without having to use my pc. does anyone have experience with this guider, any negatives, or positive things to say about it? i have heard it works well up to 600mm focallenght, but not so good on longer, anyone tried this out? appreciate advice and comments alfi
  12. hi the skywatcher nirvana ep seems to be good, i have 2 coming soon myself. alfi
  13. hi im sitting with my finger on the button to buy a eq6 pro myself. i dont think the extra kilos will make that much of a diffrence. for power i use a starterbattery, powerpack 12volt, 17amph. alfi
  14. hi i would have gone for the eq6. i have the heq5 pro myself, but am now looking into the eq6 pro, to give me that little extra, and to be more "futureproofed" i should have taken the little extra cost in the first place. alfi
  15. hi i would recommend the heq5 pro synscan, or if you can, the eq6 synscan. both are good performers. alfi
  16. hi i would say collimatoreyepiece, then barlow, eyepiece and moonfilter alfi
  17. hi i think many recommend k3ccdtools for capturing, havent tried it myself yet, horrible weather here in western norway for months! alfi
  18. hi i would try out some of skywatchers nirvana eyepieces, they give you a nice 82 deg fov, for not to much money. they are clones of williams optics uwan series, and have a good reputation. alfi
  19. hi i have a skywatcher 200mm f/5 on a heq5pro synscan. i think a 250mm is a bit big for the heq5, so i would advice you to go for a 200mm. the newton would be the best bet for your interests, its easy to use, and will give you good results when imaging. alfi
  20. nice scope mate! i have the same one in skywatcher version. its a nice scope, i changed to a moonlite focuser on mine, and that made a difference. its a real good performer for the money, youll love it. alfi
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