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  1. hi you would not be wasting your time. if that is the amount of money you can use on it now, do the best you can with it. you will be able to image, but not long exposures. you can compensate some by making many more shorter exposures, and done right, it will be ok. alfi
  2. hi if you think you will be upgrading anyway, go for the most expensive first, no point in buying a scope, and sell it with loss, if you know this is for you, and that you will be wanting something better. so if the money isnt an issue, go big. alfi
  3. hi if you want to image, the mount is very important, put some money on that if imaging is a thing you want to do. to take long exposures of deep sky objects, you need a mount with tracking. i would recommend to stick to the known producers, like skywatcher and celestron. FLO, at the top of the page has good prices, and some nice starter scopes. alfi
  4. from what synta told me earlier this year, the skywatcher 14" flextube will be out in february 2010. alfi
  5. hi prime focus is the way to go, you should be able to get nice pictures with the equipment you have. you need a t-ring adapter for your eos camera. usually there is a adapter with the SW scopes where you screw on the t-ring adaptor, and place it in the focuser. alfi
  6. hi i would have gone for a 17ah. you will find them at caraccessory shops, etc. often cheaper than the ones sold for astro, but basically the same. alfi
  7. hi AB i have a 150mm f/8 SW, its a really nice scope, and gives good views on planets and moons, but it is big. i think it should go nicely on your heq5 pro, as i have used mine on the heq5 pro i had before. alfi
  8. hi i was recommended the WO FF 3 for my 80mm ed, black one, same optics as yours, and it works very nice. i guess FLO are good on prices, if your in england. alfi
  9. hi the collimation is no biggie, seems hard at first, but once you find out how it works, it is easy. the position of the eyepiece on a newt can be fixed with some DIY, making the tube rotatable. alfi
  10. hi i would also recommend the dob in this priceclass, i dont think the eq3 would give the needed stability, and would disapoint you. put some more money on a 8" if you can, and mount it on a eq6 later on, when you are ready to upgrade. alfi
  11. hi its hydrogen beta filter, but it is supposed to be very difficult to see. alfi
  12. there is a plug-in for stellarium that shows satellites. youll find it here http://www.stellarium.org/wiki/index.php/Download alfi
  13. hi i have the LVI, and it works just fine, without any pc. i like the possibility of not having to take my pc along everytime i want to image with my dslr. alfi
  14. hello i have the orion version of this focuser, and it fits just fine, so should the SW version. alfi
  15. hi for the explorer there are several to choose from, skywatcher and orion has a low-profile 2 speed crayford for it, it fits the mounting holes directly, and dont cost a lot. http://firstlightoptics.com/proddetail.php?prod=sw_low-profile_focuser alfi
  16. if you look out the window, i will say you will probably get better details on planets and moons to, as there will be distrotion from the warm air in the house going out the window. a cooled down scope outdoors should give better views. alfi
  17. hi if you are new to this, i would not bother with things like this now. get to know your equipment first, then later you can take on things like this. analyzing pec is of more use when you start imaging, and making long exposures. alfi
  18. hi found this 8x50 Winkelsucher - Aufrecht/Seitenrichtig - beleuchtbar - 1,25" - Teleskop-Express: DER Astroshop + Fotografie + Naturbeobachtung and this 9x60 angled finderscope - erect image - optional illumination - Teleskop-Express: DER Astroshop + Fotografie + Naturbeobachtung and this APM 50mm finder fernrohr 90°, eyepieces changeable hope this helps alfi
  19. hi there is a excellent write up on this from a member here on the forum on this subject, here is the page: Astro Babys HEQ5 Polar Alignment alfi
  20. hi i have this side-by-side mount Parallelmontage von zwei Optiken auf einer Montierung - Teleskop-Express: DER Astroshop + Fotografie + Naturbeobachtung works like a charm. alfi
  21. normal park position is the scope pointing to polaris. alfi
  22. hi paul good to hear things are starting work properly, nothing as irritating as stuff that dont work like it is supposed to. alfi
  23. hello just some pictures of the baader steeltrack 3" im going to use on the scope. alfi
  24. hi is it possible to operate the mount with a scope with the dome closed? you could check the directions of the stars you choose to align against, in stellarium or something like that. it would tell you if trying out different park positions and procedures work, roughly, without having to wait for good weather. alfi
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