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  1. hi FPL-53 isnt fluorite, they miss-use the fluorite term many places. i have read that the 66mm uses FPL-51, but im not 100% on that. alfi
  2. nope, its glass, not fluorite. fluorite is a crystal, not glass. fluorite is named CaF2. alfi
  3. hi brian :-) yes TEC uses pure fluorite, and not the fake fluorite-glas that WO uses, a big diffrence in performance, and price. the 152mm triplet im getting has real fluorite to, and exceptional correction. cant wait for it to be ready. alfi
  4. i think the meade will be a little better corrected, and have a flatter field of view. and the little bigger lenses is a plus to. but i might be wrong. alfi
  5. for visual i would go for the meade. for imaging, maybe the WO, because of the fast optics. so it depends what you put highest, visual, or imaging. alfi
  6. hello today Ales sent me the preliminary design of the fluorite triplet lenses he is designing for my scope. i can not share them, of obvious reasons. the design will be tweaked even more, before production. already the design is of top class, you will not find many designs that are this good, and after tweaking it should be even better. the correction is excellent, the best i have seen posted anywhere. im really thrilled by his work, and cant wait for the scope to be finished. alfi
  7. hi if the setup you used normally shows jupiter as a disc with detail, and this time dident, my only suggestion is that you dident have jupiter in the field of view. cant see any other solution, since M31 was as normal. alfi
  8. hi i have bought this berlebach chair, it is really nice. Berlebach Astrostuhl Charon - 5,8kg leicht - sehr transportabel - Teleskop-Express: DER Astroshop + Fotografie + Naturbeobachtung alfi
  9. hi one more wote for the nirvana / uwan, i have the 28mm, 16mm and 7mm, and love them, they are great value for money. alfi
  10. hi i would go for a meade 80mm triplet, or a synta 80mm ed doublet, best bang for the buck, and excellent performers. i have bought them both, and they are very good. i use a TS side-by-side mounting, it works really nice- alfi
  11. it all depends on how far of it is, nearby, or other side of the sky? if it is way off, pointing south when it should have pointed north, etc., then it is most probably the settings in the handset that are set wrong. alfi
  12. hi a reflector would give you the most for your money, and better DSO capabilitys then refractors. they are bulkier, but it depends on how long you have to haul it when using it. refractors is easyer to use, with less cooldown time. but a skywatcher 8" reflector on a heq5 would be a good start, and are found secondhand quite often. alfi
  13. hi i dont have the full price yet, but it will be in the neighbourhood of 6000US$. alfi
  14. hi it is not good to be in a position where you have to look at selling something you know you would regret, but thats life. i wish i could afford something like that, but here in norway they are very pricey, and when i buy from other countrys, the state throws on a 25% VAT when it goes over the border. good luck with your decision, and sale. alfi
  15. hehe, the sad thing is that it probably is no better then a much cheaper diagonal, maybe even a rebranded generic thing. it is just stupid to pay so much for a brand, people should look for performance for their money, not a brand. alfi
  16. hi check here Prisms & Diagonal mirrors < Telescope accessories if it is a typo, then it is typo on several diagonals. i feel there are some companys that demand extreme prices for their products, not based on production costs and performance, but solely on their name. alfi
  17. hi you can also use google earth to find the exact coordinates. alfi
  18. hi i think you should take a look at the meade 5000 80mm f/6 triplet for widefield, it is a really good performer. im in the prosess of getting a Istar optical 152mm f/8 fluorite triplet, and that would give you the longer focallenght, and excellent imaging performance. alfi
  19. hi it only shows the brand snobberys madness, there are many examples of this, people believe that the brand guarantees performance, without any critical thinking. alfi
  20. hi there is one for sale on astrobuysell for 1900£ U.K. Astronomy Buy & Sell hope this helps. alfi
  21. hi the heq5 and eq6 weights were black earlier, so they can be some old black ones. alfi
  22. hi guys a little update on my build. i have changed the plans for the scope, i have chosen to go from a 4 lens design, up to a fluorite triplet design. this will give even better correction, and also reduce the cooldown time of the lenses. i will post more pictures of the scope, as i get them. alfi
  23. cool down time is the time your scope takes to go from the temp of the lenses or mirrors have when inside, to they are down to the temp outside. alfi
  24. hi i totally agree with iamjulian, dont let people discourage you, imaging can be expensive, but if you are on a budget, you still will be able to image, as long as you understand the limitations, and dont expect the same results as those imaging with megabuck equipment. get the equipment you can afford, and enjoy it, and later on, if you find this is for you, then you can upgrade. alfi
  25. maybe the connections? try to use some tape over them, to ensure they dont move and loose connection. alfi
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