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  1. NGC4244

  2. First Astrophotography Image

    Very well done
  3. Beginner

    Hello Tracy and welcometo SGL
  4. M44 - The Beehive Cluster

    Wow, lovely and well processed image.
  5. FocusMax/Maxim DL

    right, version Focus Max 3.8 is also an alternate.. still works also fine.. Good luck Martin
  6. FocusMax/Maxim DL

    Hello there, if you buy FOCUSMAX V4, then you will need one of the CAMERA CONTROL softwares like, MAXIM DL, CCDSOFT, THESKYX and NEBULOSITY.. Yu can read the manual.. http://www.focusmax.org/Documents_V4/FocusMax Tutorials.pdf Regards Martin
  7. Stiff RA axis......how to loosen?

    Hello there, Re-greasing a Celestron CG-5 mount could help you to figure out how get yor CG-5 Mount work properly again.. Regards Martin
  8. Hello there, Are you using an EQDIRECT cable, or going via the handset in PC-Direct mode?
  9. PHD2 guiding - Silly question

    Hello souls33k3r Actually, there are no silly questions, only St...d answers !! is what I think.. , so do not worry about asking, is the only way you can gain knowledge !! Even if you change targets after the calibration is done with at DEC 0, PHD2 will automatically handle autoguiding and no need to re-do calibration if PULSE guiding is used. PHD2 automatically will ead the new Declination coordinates of the new target and will make necessary adjustments for autoguiding to process with success... BUT !! If you guide via or using the ST4 port, then the situation changes, when I guide with or via ST4, I always recalibrate ( actually I prefer PULSE GUIDING ).. Cheers Martin PS! I guess others may also contribute with some answers, and excited to see if my answer or process is supported by others also..
  10. ic410

    Hi Alacant, very nice processed image.. regards Martin
  11. Rosette in narrowband

    Lovely Image Very nice processed.. I wish if the weather would clear here at my location, since weeks only clouds and clouds and again lots of clouds..