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  1. DeepSkyStacker ( is a FREE SOFTWARE ) can also do Star-Alignment see here under Alignment . Cheers Martin
  2. Thank you Sara Regards Martin
  3. Hello Mr Niall Have a look to the link where you can see that your Starwave 70ED has in fact an "2" Crayford Focuser" and below, you can also find the adapters suitable for your telescop.. By the way, it would be better ! if you would attach between your EOS and the Telescop, an Reducer Flattener !! Cheers & Good Luck Martin
  4. Hello, I have MAXIM DL and SGP & APT, and if I again would have wanted to invest money in Software for astronomy " again "! I would only buy SGP:. and also APT.. Cheers Martin
  5. Well done
  6. welcome to SGL Tommy
  7. Hello there, I have only one idea, did you really buy an ALTAIR GPCAM? or could it be other brand ? since here you can find how it looks like Altair GPCAM and here you will find the homepage where you could download and install drivers and find troubleshooting.. Good luck Martin
  8. AS SINGLIN did answer, try to connect your mount via ASCOM and niot via POTH.. I did never try to connect via POTH, but for me, centering via ASCOM works very good.. Cheers & good luck Martin
  9. Very nice image, cheers Martin
  10. Wow, amazing and how nice you did get those colors come out, Very nice
  11. All of your pictures are, Very nice Alex..
  12. Well done, number 3 is the best one.. Martin
  13. well processed and nice shot
  14. Very nice image