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  1. Guiding choice of stars

    Steve, hae a look here, maybe also could help you ?? https://sourceforge.net/projects/linguider/ Cheers Martin
  2. Guiding choice of stars

    Hi Steve, You should try to google QHY5 LINUX or something simliar.. And you will find the Info, that a driver for LINUX is available.. http://qhyccd.com/bbs/index.php?topic=4026.45 have a look to the Link, maybe you can still use your QHYCCD as a guider.. I am not a LINUX user.. Martin
  3. Sh2-136

    Well done..
  4. Guiding choice of stars

    You could also have a look to this article, https://www.firstlightoptics.com/guide-cameras/qhy-miniguidescope-with-mount.html MiniGuideScope with the Mount also.. and with the QHY5-II CCD you will have a perfect GUIDE CCD.. Good luck Martin
  5. m103

    Thank you, would be very nice if that would come true.. Thank you and all the best to Alicante Martin
  6. Berlebach Tripods Uni series

    HI Alan, I have one.. Berlebach Tripod with SKYWATCHER adapter and as you see, in the right picture the North pin is attached and in left removed.. That is how it is with my ADAPTER ! I did replace the BERLEBACH UNI ADAPTER for SKYWATCHER ( see right picture ).. since do not need it anymore.. Regards Martin
  7. M82 and M81: First try.

    nice widefield
  8. NGC772

    And without any redeucer or flattener ?? wow, looks very nice to me !! good job !! cheers Martin My star sign is also ARIES !!
  9. m103

    Hello alacant, very nice and well done.. You seem to have very CLEAR SKIES in ALICANTE I have here only clouds and rain since ( weeks ) and light plution free of charge.. Cheers Martin
  10. HI Adam J, did never make any thoughts about the price, since I already have my ASI 1600 Version 2, and do not have any intentions to buy either the PRO version and also not the ATIK HORIZON.. But ! If I would have again to decide which one to buy, I would for sure go for the ATIK, out of one 2 main reason, I did have an ATIK460EXM and it was not working ( due to my mistake ) did send it to ATIK in UK for repair and it was repaired within a week or so, and sent back within 2 days and I had to pay something like 160€ for the sevrvice and postage fee and ATIK is a EUROPEAN BRAND.... My ASI is still working , but not sure what should I do when it should not, and I need service from ASI in CHINA ?? or where shall I send my ASI !! Hence, I would go for ATIK.. SERVICED IN EUROPE, despite the price difference.. Martin
  11. App recommendations?

    Hi Luke, R U LUKE SKYWWALKER ?? When you say APP!! do you mean an APP for your TABLET or IPAD ?? or for your WINDOWS PC ? For Windows application !! Try http://stellarium.org/en/ is the best I know and did ever use ( my opinion ) you also can connect your EQ5 to the APP!! by installing also the STELLARIUM SCOPE http://welshdragoncomputing.ca/x/ and then from the STELLARIUM Application send command, so your mount move and points to the object of your desire !! Good luck Martin
  12. Hi Tom, the 0,5 mm difference can't be that dramatic, but you should try to see how the starrs look like.. But can I ask a question, which SW Coma Corrector are you using ?? is it this one ? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/coma-correctors/skywatcher-coma-corrector.html since I see you have a Skywatcher Explorer 200p!! But I would have done the same like you did, if no spare and adaquate ADAPTER was available.. Martin
  13. Hello from Vienna, I also did download the latest version and need or kindly ask for a clarification, where to install the (ASTAP.EXE) file ? under the link http://www.hnsky.org/astap.htm it is statated to.. 1) Install a local copy of Astrometry.net (preferred option via ANSVR or Astrotortilla) or Platesolve2 including star database as the astrometric solver. ( which I already did ) but where should I install or store the ASTAP.EXE file ? can I store that any where I wish ? or should I staor the ASTAP.EXE in the directory where one of the apps ANSVR or Astrotortilla or Platesolve2 is installed ?? Thank you and all the best Martin
  14. NGC 1333

    Nice image with details and well processed!! Well done.
  15. M42, I'm so jealous.

    A very Nice image and well processed.. regards Martin