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  1. Lovely image and processing.. :)
  2. artem

    Hi from Italy

    Hi (CIAO) Luca, welcome to SGL Regards Martin
  3. Hi Matt and welcome to SGL and a very nice Picture. you have there. regards Martin
  4. Hello Alexandros, welcome to SGL,
  5. Hello there and welcome SGL Regards Martin
  6. I did take the provider name fro your picture and see here if your device is effected from the GPS week number rollover , http://www.blackboxcamera.com/pic-osd/rollover.htm Regards Martin
  7. I have the dame problem also with my old GPS device, the problems did start in month APRIL2019, and during the month APRIL19 there was a change in GPS Week Number Rollover (WNRO) on 6. April 2019, my CAR GPS software did get an Update to be able to handle the change, but my old GPS device I use for my Mount did not, and since APRI.19 my GPS for my Mount has also problems to find a GPS signal. Could it be your GPS needs a Software update ?? you should contact the provider.. Cheers Martin
  8. You could also contact http://starlightinstruments.com/store/index.php?route=information/contact They will for sure have answer and have a Feedback for you.. But the Feather Touch prducts are one of the best in the market.. Cheers Martin
  9. Hello there, can you post an image of your scope ? Since you mention that you did purchase an " Skywatcher Esprit ED100 quintuplet. " but the Skywatcher Esprit-100ED is actually an 3-Element Objective Lens,. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p5437_Skywatcher-Esprit-100ED-Professional---100mm-F-5-5-Super-APO-Triplet-Refractor.html And to your comment " Feather touch focuser. " and the Feather Touch brand is one of the best in the market.. Post a picture of our scope.. Cheers Martin
  10. Welcome to SGL. Try to make another Photo..? Cheers Martin
  11. artem


    welcome to SGL. ?
  12. You are welcome Allan, Good luck Martin
  13. Hi Allan, Here we go, The ATIK460 BF = 13mm, The EFW2 has 22mm hence the distance to achieve the focus with your setup is. 72,2mm-13mm-22mm+1mm= 38,2mm and TAK is offering the adapters you need, you only need to buy the correct ones suitable for your setup and in ttal they achive the optical path of 38,2MM and that will be as a small challenge and cost also. I did buy the adapters from TAK for my optical path and suitable for my setup TAK106 + SBIG STL1100 CCD and had to order them or find a place where they could be manufactured if not available in the market.. https://teleskop-austria.at/information/pdf/TKA36580_FSQ-85ED.pdf Regards Martin
  14. YOur 0.73 TAK reducer needs ideally a working distance of 72,2mm https://teleskop-austria.at/TKA36580_Takahashi-Reducer-QE-073x-fur-FSQ-85EDX-und-FSQ-106ED https://teleskop-austria.at/information/pdf/TKA36580_FSQ-85ED.pdf Now you need to know the Optical BF of your ATIK460 and then the thickness of your Atik EFW 2 and then add 1mm for the Filter and you have the answer to the spacing.. Need to check in internet the BF for the ATIK460 and the thickness of your ATIKEF2.. I have totally another CCD Martin
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