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  1. artem

    Horsehead Nebula

    Very nice.
  2. artem

    M42 Narrowband

    Very nice.
  3. Here is mine, 5MInute single sub with QHY163M
  4. artem

    Cone Nebula HaLRGB

    very nice image.. regards Martin
  5. artem

    IC410 The Tadpoles in Narrowband

    Very nice image, I love the Colpors also.. Regards Martin
  6. artem

    Messier 82 and its superwinds with "cap"

    Amazing image!
  7. artem

    The Horse Head in HaRGB

    Amazing image!
  8. artem

    STC Duo-Narrowband filter unboxing

    Here is the latest image, again from M43 Taken with QHY183C CCD + STC Filter !! Regards Martin
  9. artem

    Orion Nebula and Running Man Nebula

    Outstanding Image !! GREAT colors and details !!
  10. artem

    The great Orion Nebula - 14 hours

    sieht sehr schön aus Arno.. LG & Grüße Martin
  11. artem

    STC Duo-Narrowband filter unboxing

    Good morning, It was SO COLD yesterday, and I did manage to get 20 minutes subs with STC FILTER and 20Minutes with BAADER HA 7nm Filter, but when it was so far to start to take some subs with the BAADER O3 8.5nm filter, I had to stop since the weather did change, I will gather the O3 later ! when suitable.. But the STC FILTER with a MONO CCD is also a very good combination.. Regards Martin
  12. artem

    STC Duo-Narrowband filter unboxing

    Here is the result with QHY163M + STC FILTER 4x5minutes + 4x5 minutes HA 7nm BAADER. + DARK, processed very qucikly with NEBULOSITY. Tthe O3 Filter I will try to it add thatlater.. it was very cold.. The STC Filter is very good !! also with a MONO CCD Regards Martin http://nova.astrometry.net/user_images/2652029#original
  13. artem

    STC Duo-Narrowband filter unboxing

    Here the sub QHY163M + BAADER 7nm HA FILTER 5 Minute sub -5c,
  14. artem

    STC Duo-Narrowband filter unboxing

    Hello DP and vlaiv , Here am I, in the cold and the 1st picture taken with QHY163M + STC DUO BAND FILTER 5 Minute sub -5c, as next I will move to HA 7nm Filter from Baader and then O3 also from BAADER 8.5nm.. More will follow Cheers Martin
  15. artem

    STC Duo-Narrowband filter unboxing

    Hello DP, I think I can also manage that.. MONO CCD + STC DUO FILTER SUBS + HA + OIII ( I have all needed filters ), I only would need CLEAR SKY !! Let me see if I can manage that.. The biggest problem is, CLEAR SKY.. I am also interested to Play around.. I will do my best and I am never offended Regards Martin

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