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  1. Well done, number 3 is the best one.. Martin
  2. well processed and nice shot
  3. Very nice image
  4. Wunderschöne Aufnahmen Stefan , Respekt.. Very nice CS Martin
  5. Hello Marie and welcome to SGL,,
  6. Thank you MIke for giving feedback, and happy that the new setup did work.. Regards Martin
  7. Could this Adapter be what you search for ? Cheers Martin
  8. Rajesh, I have the SBIG ST8300M, it is a great CCD, with KAF8300 CHIP.. if you find a cheap one and the CCD is suitable for your equipment ( see why I mention the suitability of the CCD compared to the FOV here ) then go ahead and buy it.. BUT! in the meantime there are CCD manufacturers like QHY or ZWO ASI, who produce CCD's which have modern CHIPS and cost almost the same as if you buy an old SBIG ST8300 CCD with the old 8300 CHIP.. But always check if the CDD you buy is also suitable with/to your equipment by using the FOV CALCULTAOR Retards Martin
  9. M82

    Superb images, amazing details.. Cheers Martin
  10. Hi Tony, Actually, there are not STUPID QUESTIONS, only the answers could be STUPID.. I have an CANON EF 300 Lens + EOS600D-a, and I did cut out my own BAHTINOV MASK, by using the BAHTINOV MASK GENERATOR, but since I have APT I did stop using the BAHTONIV MASK, due to APT can also FOCUS automatically the CANON EF300 AF Lens on the SPOT.. Cheers Martin
  11. Hello and welcome to SGL Forum ! You could check it here if you could.. guess in INDIA where the sky is darker and clearer than here in Europe should be theoretically possible.. but check the LINK above, you can add / change your equipment details and see what is possible and what not.. Cheers Martin
  12. Well done & thank you for the "Polemaster manual" Cheers Martin
  13. festoon, Yes that should work.. just inject the USB to RS232 connector into your computer USB PORT, and make sure you have the driver installed and connect the RS232 part of the cable into the PORT on your skywatcher hand controller.. Then on your SkyWatcher Hand Controller switch to PC MODE and before doing all this, install the " SkyWatcher SynScan Mount Controller (6.0.5999, June 2016)" and then you should be ready to control the mount via PC and ASCOM I also did have the EQ6 and did control the EQ6 exactly this way, well, at the time I did have the EQ6, I had to use another ASCOM SOFTWARE to control the mount, SkyWatcher did develope last year the above mentioned software.. The cable you intend also to buy does exactly the same, only difference is, if you buy the cable " Lynx Astro FTDI EQDIR USB Adapter" then you would not need the USB to RS232 anymore.. Cheers Martin
  14. Very nice colour combination and nice picture.. Cheers Martin