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  1. Very nice image and colors and processing..
  2. In the AZEQ5 Manual it is written, https://teleskop-austria.at/information/pdf/AZ-EQ5p_AZ-EQ5-Manual-EN.pdf Regards Martin
  3. Very nice processing, I Like the colors..
  4. Cloudy here, else would have tested the latest Sequence Generator with ASTAP as plate solver..
  5. Hello Asghar, that is a very good question, see here.. https://timeline.com/los-angeles-light-pollution-ebd60d5acd43 Cheers Martin
  6. The 183GT COLOR version would be very interesting, and you could deliver them already in "Usually shipped 20-25 working days." ? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-cameras/zwo-asi-183gt-usb-30-cooled-mono-camera-with-internal-filter-wheel.html
  7. Hi BLINKY, see the answer from alexwolf, and he did insert already a link " see below ", in that link you will find a google drive link where you can find the installation file. https://github.com/Stellarium/stellarium/issues/406 Works for me !! Cheers Martin
  8. Hello Dave, I did never have to think about such a problem, but did you ever see if ASCOM ALPACA could deliver a solution for your problem ?? https://ascom-standards.org/Developer/Alpaca.htm Astronomy programs and devices to be connected across Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Observatory systems to include programs and devices on multiple platforms Devices that can operate via WiFi or Ethernet and avoid the problems with USB Interoperability between astronomy programs and devices running under different operating systems Implementation of astronomy programs and device control logic written in different languages on different operating systems Current unmodified Windows astronomy programs to use ASCOM compatible devices connected to any networked PC or other platform via Alpaca, or a self-contained Alpaca device. Current unmodified Windows-resident devices (mounts, focusers, etc.) to be used by astronomy programs running on networked PCs, Macs, and mobile devices that use Alpaca for device communications. Cheers Martin
  9. And tested ASCOM on Stellarium, and that works also very well..
  10. Both Links works very good. copy and paste matter..
  11. I am always downloading and using the Version 1.10 NIGHTLY #0XX ( my last used version is 1.10.16) and I did not encounter any issues.. Cheers Martin
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