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  1. artem

    NGC 2237 Rosette WIP

    Very nice image Jan, Regards Martin
  2. Very nice capture Peter Regards Martin
  3. artem

    Hello from Newbie in Cumbria

    Hi David, welcome also to the Lounge
  4. Hi Tom, You are mostly welcome.. Regards Martin
  5. Or Read the Thread here.. Regards Martin
  6. Hello Tom, As far as I can see, The GEOPTIK EOS ADAPTER is also 19mm short Geoptik Adaptor for Canon EOS Lenses to T2 for CCD cameras and the adapters you use with the ZWO EFW, then you are already at 45,45mm which means, you are 1.45mm away from the optimal focus point.. But !! you could add a FILTER between the ZWO and the LENS path ( which will the case since you will use a FILTER WHEEL ) then the Filter you will use like a Ha Filter or IDAS filter.. and with the filter in the light path you will prolong the optical focus path with 1mm. hence, prolonging the focus path is possible, but would you be happy with the result ?? is something else ! The best would be if you would also wait for other members to write other answers or opinions.... See the explanation from ASI below.. Regards Martin
  7. artem

    HEQ5 sounds

    Hello, if you want to compare the sound of your mount and other mounts of HEQ5 PRO type, then go to youtube and search fir HEQ5 PRO SLEW and you w ill find many videos and can compare the sound yours is doing and compared to others with HEQ5 PRO mount.. I hsve an azeq5 mount, and that also makes sound during giiding and slewing.. Cheers & good luck Martin
  8. artem

    Using NB Filters with OSC

    If you already own a ZWO 183 Pro Cooled Color and live in a heavily LP area also, then I also would encourage to buy the STC duo narrowband filter, or if you have more cash avalable for your hobby the OPT Triad Tri-Band Narrowband Filter Cheers Martin
  9. artem

    STC Duo-Narrowband filter unboxing

    If the 2-Filter Combos is interesting !! then here is the 3-Filter Combo.. OPT Triad Tri-Band Narrowband Filter https://optcorp.com/products/opt-triad-tri-band-narrowband-filter#shopify-product-reviews Cheers Martin
  10. artem

    Mesu 200 issue??

    By the way, there a Yahoo Group under https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SiTechservo/info where you could also get in touch with the software owner and MESU users !! Cheers and good luck Martin
  11. artem

    Mesu 200 issue??

    Good morning from Vienna, Also not an MESU owmer, BUT ! I did find something interesting in your screen shot in your thread and which could be the reason of your problem !!. 1) According to your problem described ( beside the USB problem) which could be easier to solve ( do you maybe use any USB HUB ?? ) and from what I did understand, your problem is " There is no encoder location on the DEC and I wonder if this is the culprit for my guide calibration woes? " 2) I can also see that you MESU is still using the old Firmware 9.5 ! 3) There is already a newer Firmware available with number 9.6 and the version 9.6 is " suprise suprise " handling the problem you claim. to have. ;Version History ;****************************** ;Version 9.6 ;Fixed bug where alt/dec motor encoder reports wrong position in certain cases ;****************************** Could my assumption help you ?? I hope so.. Cheers Martin
  12. artem

    MaxIm dl

    By the way, you can also try Maxim Dl before you decide "or not decide"to buy it, just download the MaxIm DL Pro Demo
  13. artem

    MaxIm dl

    Use SGP for imaging plate solving and for guiding use PHD2 and for image processing you can use PixInsight or even DSS. Cheers Martin
  14. artem


    Hello Aidi, The word POTH means, "plain old telescope handset" and it acts as a virtual hub for connections and the poth is the older original ASCOM driver that allows two apps/drivers to share one or same physical com port. Shortly told You have 2 applications which should control your mount, then you can also use POTH.. I am sometimes using ASCOM POTH when I want to connect two or more applications to talk to each other and at the same time control my mount, I use the POTH only when or in case Some ASCOM mount drivers don't have ASCOM hub functionality. You should check if the ASCOM DRIVER you use supports the Hub functionality, if so, then no need to use POTH.. Cheers Martin

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