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  1. Actually, you can also refer to the technical data provided by SW, the working distance for the SW Field Flattener is 55mm, the Back Focal length for your CCD is 18, so you would need 37mm of distance in Adapters.. and you should be done.. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p6515_Skywatcher-Field-Flattener-fuer-Esprit-80ED-triplet.html Just in case the 30 days trial of CCDInspector should expire before you get another image.. I also have the CCDInspector.. Full version.. a great peice of technology / software.. Good luck Martin
  2. HI Mike, Years ago, I also did have had an MORAVIAN G2 8300M CCD with internal Filterwheel " same like you have " and I did solve the issue with the *.ini file this way. I did copy the *.ini file, and store it elsewhere modification is possible without any ADMIN WARNINGS, then I did change the change the filter and then paste it back into the Moravian directory.. Cheers Martin
  3. Hello Since you will be using an NIKON CAMERA I can't answer to your question! Since I am an EOS user, and for EOS I would have ordered the Filter, Hutech IDAS LPS-D1 CLIP-Filter and would have not used a 2” filter.. The best would be, once you order your ESPRIT to ask the question to the shop, so they can offer to you a solution and you could order the ESPRIT + the ADAPTER/s for your 2" filter.. Cheers Martin
  4. Best sky app

    Stellarium on a PC !
  5. Looks also good for my location, the darkness will be back soon !! bett also the clouds !!
  6. Giving up imaging

    Olsin, the most important matter is, if you are happy or not with whatever you do, if you are not, then it is time to do changes, and you have totally right, ASTRO-IMAGING is frustrating or could be a frustrating matter! I on my end, I still did not reach the point to give up, despite the challenges I have, with weather and light polution or else.. In anyway good luck to you Cheers Martin
  7. SG-PRO Error

    Hello Satrlight 1, see the link below for the reason and possible solution, when you get the error "value cannot not be null" in SGP is related with the profile !! http://forum.mainsequencesoftware.com/t/sgpro-2-5-0-8-errors/2977/2 Good luck Martin
  8. Hi Lee_P, I understand, seems as if you should contact QHY, here is the Forum link, http://www.qhyccd.com/bbs/ maybe you could ask there for help or advice.. I have the same problem with my very old SBIG ST10XME, but I did decide not to invest any money for sending to be repaird ( the costs would be something like 750-1000 USD for postage fee, customs and repairing it ) I did decide to invest the money in ASI1600 and QHY163M.. Cheers Martin
  9. Advice needed for new camera

    Hi Lee_P, telling the truth, I did not miss the missing heated window with ASI until today ( summer time ), but despite that QHY is also a great CCD and has an heated window and a buffer but one matter did really disturb to me with the QHY, the drivers, I get doconnections during the sessions, and have to unplug the USB and replug it again to get the CCD work again ( those are my expereinces with QHY163M ), else and with a better driver ( stable ) from QHY, I would say QHY is also a good deal, also in respect with the price you pay for an QHY163M.. With ASI1600, despite it is without any heated window or a buffer, I do not have any driver issues.. and that counts for me at this moment.. Cheers Martin PS! One matter is excellent for both CCD ASI and QHY, how quick the USB3 works and data is downloaded, far better and quicker than with with USB2 connection days..
  10. Advice needed for new camera

    Hi Lee_P, I have both, ZWO ASI1600MM and the QHY163M, and if again must buy a new CCD, then I will go for ZWO ASI1600MM. the drivers ( also ASCOM ) from ASI are much more stable that from QHY.. and the Quality and the design ( USB HUB on ASI is great for attaching AUTOGUIDER or a FW ) that is my opinion.. Cheers Martin
  11. Hello Lee_P, I also have an QHY CCD, not the same version you have, mine is the QHY163M, and the cooling fan does not start to work at the moment I plug with the power, but then and at the moment I attach CCD to USB and the CCD us recognized by WIDNOWS.. That is how it works for my QHY163M.. Regards Martin
  12. DeepSkyStacker ( is a FREE SOFTWARE ) can also do Star-Alignment see here http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/technical.htm under Alignment . Cheers Martin
  13. Hello Mr Niall Have a look to the link https://www.altairastro.com/starwave-70ed-f6-travel-refractor-telescope-with-2-crayford-focuser-finder-diagonal-eyepiece.html where you can see that your Starwave 70ED has in fact an "2" Crayford Focuser" and below, you can also find the adapters suitable for your telescop.. By the way, it would be better ! if you would attach between your EOS and the Telescop, an Reducer Flattener !! Cheers & Good Luck Martin