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  1. Just added the HLVG plug-in, works a treat thanks once again
  2. Thanks for the links Quatermas, learnt loads this evening playing around with previous images in PS8 that I wanted to improve on and now I can, thanks again
  3. Well I fought with the clouds last night and stayed up all night to capture the clear periods and managed to grab an avi file before the clouds covered Jupiter again, have been stacking and tweaking in Registax v2 until daylight came, over 900 frames but only the first 250 showed any detail as the clouds obscured the rest so had to select the usefull frames manually, but have decided that maybe my focus and exposure settings were not quite right. Thought I would share the result to gain any usefull comments anyway, finally got to bed around 06.30am after deciding that there was nothing more I could do, fingers crossed for clear skies tonight to try and improve further. Jupiter barlow 2.bmp
  4. Great image, very good focus and colour, you should be very pleased with that I know I would be........inspirational well done, oh how I wish the skies would clear!
  5. Nice image, I have a ten inch reflector and a Philips Toucam and have never acheived that level of detail, you have inspired me to try again as soon as the clouds go away that is, well done
  6. Fantastic image, real wow factor
  7. I have reported this fireball to SPA and would encourage others who saw it to do the same so that the event might be officially logged and possibly investigated further, With enough good-quality observations of the fireball's path through the sky, it may be possible to estimate its atmospheric flight, and even recover any surviving pieces. go here to find out how http://www.popastro.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=15296
  8. Well done, its always good to experiment and show everyone that you don't need dedicated equipment to take astro images.
  9. Well done, I know how difficult it is to capture one, I was out in the garden until 03.00am and took hundereds of shots but not one, you should be very pleased.
  10. You might like to consider a scope cover from Green Witch Cases, Bags and Covers for Telescopes and Other Optics
  11. Some great comments Captain Tweaky but I can't see the image, what am I missing would love to see what others have seen?
  12. while I was waiting for Jupiter to rise last night I thought I would practice on the Moon with my Nikon D3100 at prime focus, quite pleased with the result if a little out of focus maybe, comments appreciated as imaging with a DSLR is a bit of a learning curve
  13. Nice one Andy, can't wait to hear all about your trip at Kelling, did you get any souvenirs when no one was looking?
  14. Amazing picture, what sort of set up and exposure do you need to capture an aurora?
  15. Very nice I would be very pleased indeed if I managed to get an image like this one, well done
  16. I was able to open the svg file using Mozilla Firefox, otherwise it might of been Star Office.
  17. Hi, here is one I used astrojargon - Bahtinov Focusing Mask Generator: Overview, you will need to input the aperture and focal length parameters for the scope you are generating it for, I printed the one I made on paper and then laminated it before I cut it out, the resulting file can be opened in Internet Explorer I think or I had to use another software package as I seem to remember I couldn't open it in MS Word, I will try and find out what I used, post back if you have any troubles.
  18. Just spotted the time.....04:17am, did you get up early or stay up late?
  19. Nice image Dave, any post processing on this one?, I'll have to hope for clear skies this evening and have a go myself.
  20. Well done, have you tried a bahtinov mask to aid focusing, I made my own from here astrojargon - Bahtinov Focusing Mask Generator: Overview
  21. Lovely image, well done and especially well done for staying up to get it
  22. great image Richard, you have inspired me to have a go at Jupiter myself.
  23. Well done Dave for toughing it out to the wee small hours, I spent about an hour trying get the infrared remote for my DSLR working on the bulb setting last night by which time the clouds had rolled in,lets hope for some more clear skies before it gone.....thats astronomy for you!
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