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  1. BTW ADMIN. If yo want to move this to the beginers (thicko's) section then I wont be offended
  2. "Polar align by just getting Polaris within the Position Angle Circle on the finder. (yeah, dog rough!) Select a star that is visible from my location and then it slews somewhere, anywhere, Rarely near the target. But Synscan thinks that's where it's at so make it so!. Gently release the clutches and gently move the scope manually to get the target star in view. Nip the clutches up and use the slew keys to center the star in the eyepiece and ENTER.!" Yay I'm liking this approach. Very Engineering logic. I 'd previously tried a version of it a few days ago. Basically with it all at the "start/home" position (which i may still be misundtrestanding) I told the GOTO to go view a particualr object. The Moon say. Then once slewed to some randon point as it would seem, I then unlocked and moved the scope to point at the moon, hoping that it would be sorted now its got this bearing it would move to he next chosen object correctly, but sadly this did not seem to work. I'd hoped it would work in principle at least even aif a bit "rougfh" ut would at least clear my understanding! I'll watch some more of the vids suggested when I'm home later and see if I get my eureka moment Cheers all
  3. Just to add to anyone reading/ helping. it is appreciated. Im no technophobe , give me a car/computer/washing machine and I'll fix it! But I did not know anything about the sky except for the Plough, for my entire life before having this thing to deal with! And if anything I'm finding there is too much information in too many places, but with a lot of assumed knowledge. I think the issue is my joining these bits of infrmation together in this case
  4. Just reviewing at work, so have to whisper. I 'm happy the date is entered correctly. Likewise from memory the N+W cords were roughly 52'30 amd 1'20'25 so I could not? get thiose wrong way round Im now thinking that teh idea of "HOME" is wrong. I may be over simplifying and I'v not used any spirit level or played with the degree rings. The scope "home, weighhts down and forwards pretty well pointing at Polaris as is the polar scope . But I'm now thinking thats not correct?
  5. Good call! Forget Pollux then blame that on MRS REMAN's IPAD .Lets say Alkaid. Last go before bedtime. Scope pointing at Polaris. Reset Syncscan (Date in correct format) Hit 1 star align Alkaid Slews to approx 2.0clock in relation to Polaris, when Alkaid should be (VERY ROUGHLY) 10Oclock? Stop laughing at the back!!! I'll post a pic of the home position tomorrow. (Helen) ….now thinking that i'm doing something wrong with "home position" Oh its so complicated Night all !!
  6. Reman

    Reman Stars

  7. I gave up smoking 1 day 8 years ago, so I'm quite good at quitting. I kinow there are lots of U-utubes and books and stuff out there, some of which are too complicated for my old brain but I think Im MASSIVELY missing the point somewhere setting up MY WIFES new scope! I've took a nice picture of the Moon. I can even see polaris through the polaris finder thing in the tripod But when it comes to the Syncscan and making that work, even a little bit I'm really losing it, considering I'm not that luddite when it comes to I.T. Not even getting fancy, yet, I'd be happy to do a 1 star sertup and if it just slewed roughly to a star on my side of the world Instead it seems to insist on thinking I'm living under the patio and pointing at stars that are lower than my house. I really think I'm just missing something FUNDAMENTAL in the setup. Unless we get by this, them the wife, and the scope ar going, I'll keep the dog. Am I on a hiding to nothing with SW ver 3,27? As above I set the trips scope at Polaris. I set the main scope at polaris. I do 1 star alighn and as soon as I choose a starr, say Pollux, that i can pick up on Skymap as being say 10 o'clock in relation to Paolaris, the scope slews to point at something nowhere near where (pollux is supposed to be. Tell me what I'm doing so so wrong please????
  8. Reman

    Newbie trying hard!

    And I can't find an editor button for posts
  9. Reman

    Newbie trying hard!

    Thank you. Now I can't find the very useful GOTO mount setup sticky I read on the forum. Even though I failed its very purpose
  10. Reman

    Newbie trying hard!

    Hi its a syncscan as per the (now) avatar. Very soon to be SUNK scan
  11. Reman

    Newbie trying hard!

    Thanks for the welcomes The books on order Watch out for my stoopid question tomorrow as I can't get the blooming thing set up and got here from a search on the GOTO mount Cheers
  12. So Mrs reman fancied a telescope/ summer stargazing by the pooland remarkable fate landed a 200p with GOTO setup complete at a very attractive price. Only trouble is despite Mrs reman being the clever one she's little patience for fools and folly so so I'm the one looking stupid asking noob questions whilst she makes herself gorgeous ready to look at the purdy little thing in the eyepiece I've set up for her Help me out guys this is eating into valuable car,bike,beer and poker time
  13. That looks the same view complete with. Hedge/tree were contending with!
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