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  1. Perhaps I am jumping the gun a little by mentioning photography at this early stage! I had wondered if there was a route whereby I could by 'XYZ' mount that would get me started and then add the GOTO equipment and camera (T fitting?) at a later date. A sort of 'upgrade' as you go approach? Thank you Ronin for your informative post. - Just the sort of info I was after. I'm not going to divulge the length of my dinner "hour" as I value my job but let's just say I take the rough with the smooth. Some nights I'm busier than others.
  2. Thanks to everyone so far for their input. I hadn't considered a dobsonian because all the beginners guides I've read have stated that a refractor would be best for lunar/planetary observation? The point I was trying to make about photography.. Would I be better of saving up a bit more so that I had upwards of £350 for a goto scope (this seems to be about the bottom end for GOTO from what I've seen so far.) OR could I start out with an un-automated set up with the view to add one in the future I would love to attend a club but I work continental shifts which makes any form of socialising difficult.
  3. Hi, Being a night shift worker in a rural area close to the sea I've spent many a lunch break looking up at the night sky (by eye) and I've decided to take the plunge and buy a scope. My main interest is mainly viewing the moon and planetary observations and with this in mind I started out looking at refractors of 70mm - 90mm as I have a budget £200 ish however, after a small amount of research on the net I'm not entirely sure what to do for the best as I've also looked at a few 'Mak Cass' scopes that are similar in size and price although I'm further confused by mounts/tripods... I've looked at Celestron C90 mak which is scope only so I'm not sure about a mount? This scope costs £130. Sky Watcher Skymax-90 which can be purchased with an EQ1 mount for £160. Orion Starmax 90 which is a table top scope that believe could also be tripod mounted. £175. The above are all similar spec scopes but I don't know if I'd be better off with a refractor? Something like the Orion Starblast 90 is very simarlarly priced to the above? The other consideration is that I would like to do some lunar photography in the future so I'm guessing some sort of tracker may be useful? With this in mind, would I be better off waiting until I have another £150 in the budget and getting something motorised? Sorry for all the questions in a first post but I can't afford to get this wrong. Thanks for reading! MM
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