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  1. Hi BGazing Welcome back to star gazing and the SGL. Enjoy. Rich
  2. Congratulations on joining SGL. Oh yes and the married bit. As long as you're away from the bright city lights you should get some really good views on the South coast. Richard.
  3. Second viewing Saturday night (no don't worry I'm not about to start a daily blog of viewing the moon, looked pretty much as it did Friday, but still fascinating); I used Arcturus to check the collimation of my telescope (ex demo), something I wanted to do just in case it had bounced along the way and it was spot on...happy bunny. Rich.
  4. Can't comment on the telescope, but I've recently dealt with Sky's the limit (also known as Skies Unlimited on Ebay). Contact Alan directly, very helpful guy. Kept me fully up to date with my order. http://www.skysthelimit.org.uk/index.html May be able to knock a few quid off the Ebay price. Happy hunting. Rich
  5. Wow! great shots. This is sort of the reason why I'm probably not to bother with some Baader Solar sheets for a filter. In my mind I'm going to want to see something like that and I can't afford a HA scope.
  6. Hi Ronin. I've not tried to see if the focus bit comes off. Might be worth thinking about, but at the moment I'm still being very careful as if I've just bought something very expensive...hang on, I did. Rich
  7. I've seen that add for the Zennox telescope too. My Mum should me it when I was looking at buying my first telescope. I pointed out that it's not going to be that good quality. Poor old dear, she does try.
  8. Well, I finally got to use my new telescope last night for the first time since buying it two weeks ago. Okay, only looked at the moon, but wow, what a view. I was able to use the BST EPs for the first time too. 8mm; great close up. I would say that probably is the limit for the Celestron Nexstar 6SE. I'm sure I read it here, but someone gave a tip about attaching a clothes peg (plastic one with the soft rubber grip) to the focuser to make fine adjustment easier. Brilliant tip, spot on. Looking forward to clearer and darker skies. Rich.
  9. Greetings and a warm welcome to a new member. Rich.
  10. Hi Elliott Welcome to SGL. Enjoy your telescope. Rich.
  11. RichMK


    Hi Carl Welcome. It's great here. Loads of friendly people with bags of knowledge and advice. Rich.
  12. Think I may go BST 8mm (on the limit), 12mm, 18mm and 25mm. Feel free for anyone to say noooooooooooooo. But from all the reading I've done, I think it covers it. Not forgetting a Celestron f6.3 Focal Reducer.
  13. Thanks everyone. Lots to think about. Interesting about the diagonal. FLO have the William Optics 1.25" DURA-BRIGHT Dielectric Diagonal for £92. Is that what you meant? William Optics have it for £79. Already got the power sorted with a battery pack / tank. So just need clear skies and not to be working nights (typical).
  14. Hi Well, after a lot of changing my mind I managed to pick up a great condition ex-demo Celestron 6SE from Sherwoods Photographic Ltd for £580, good as new. Now I can stop talking and start looking (when it stops raining). So happy is me. So questions on EPs (again) mainly to the current Celestron SE (6 or other) regarding what EPs you are using? It comes with a Plossl 25mm, but... I was thinking of this.... Celestron X-Cel LX Eyepieces 1.25" 9mm (BST 8mm probably too small exit pupil). For planets and maybe some DSO. BST Explorer / Starguider 25mm. Meade Series 4000 Super Plossl Eyepieces - 32mm. For those "wide" images. Celestron f6.3 Focal Reducer - Even with the 25 BST the images for M31, M42 and others are too big.I'm considering an 8mm to 24mm zoom. Anybody use one to these?Would a Mead 15mm to 20mm be useful?When I get a Solar filter, I think the Celestron Plossl 25mm should be good.Please let me know that you think and what is useful.Thanks.Rich
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