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  1. Hello all, I haven't visited here for a while because astronomy had taken a back seat to other matters recently, but have been dusting off the gear again.

    And therein lies my problem! I have a Skywatcher 150 dobsonian, which I have had a lot of fun with in the past taking snapshots of the moon. I bought a DSLR adapter for it, and had a great time with it.

    I recently moved house, and in my packing panics, seem to have lost the eyepiece holder for the telescope. The DSLR adapter was attached to the telescope at the time, sadly. So I now have a gaping hole in the focuser, great for attaching my camera body to, but sadly I can't use any eyepieces again for general stargazing. Can the end piece that holds the eyepieces be bought seperately? Or would I need to buy a whole new focuser? I'm not really sure, other than I'm utterly fed up that the holder went missing in the move :embarassed:

    I've moved to a wonderful spot with hardly any light pollution out the back so I'd really like to view stars again!

    Any help would be really greatly appreciated, thanks!

  2. I am really pleased with the camera. I've learnt more about photography using the DSLR than I ever did with a compact or a bridge camera. I enjoy the trial and error part rather than get frustrated with it, as I have an idea what to go with next time.

    The only trouble is, I have lots of photos with slightly different settings and results, it's hard to decide which is closest to the real thing, and once you look at them on the computer...the editing possiblities seem endless! I really never expected pictures to come out this sharp, and they are huge!

  3. Hello all, I took this last night, first time using the camera attached directly to the telescope. Not perfect I know, but I'm so pleased with the results as they came out far batter than I had hoped, and it was so much easier than I thought it would be. After trying lots of different settings I finally got some shots that looked ok. I probably took about 100 photos last night and I might have 10 or so that were usable. I even got a fuzzy photo of Jupiter! I'm not sure how to improve this any more so I'm leaving it as it is for now. Any tips for better results next time gratefully received!


  4. OK, so if you just get a "T2 mount Canon EOS" (Jacobs, £15.99) it'll screw straight onto the male T thread on the part on the left hand side in the top photo.

    I suspect that if you try the other 2" to T route when you put it in the 2" EP holder you won't be able to get enough in focus.

    Wonderful! Thanks so much for your help! I can see how it goes now, with all these bits and pieces, I was getting a little confused :mad:

    Thanks again :D

  5. Hi all, apologies if this has been dealt with before. I've just bought a Canon EOS 1000D DSLR which I am very happy with, and would like to connect it to my telescope for my moon photos.

    I have a Skywatcher 6" scope, which says it has a direct DSLR connection. It comes with a 2" Eyepiece adapter which I presume is what I use, but I was wondering what connects this to the camera body, or what do I need to buy! I thought it meant it could be connected up 'out of the box' as it were but I guess I need something to join the two.

    Any advice would be appreciated :mad:

  6. Thankyou, I'd never heard of a Hartmann mask, I will definitely try that. I'd also like to get a better eyepiece as I can't fit all of the moon in in one go at the moment using a 25mm. I also realised that the photos I'd been taking were 6mp jpegs, and my camera has a RAW facility which I haven't tried yet. The camera also has an AVI mode although I'm not sure what I'd do with an AVI afterwards, or if it would pick much out.

    I think I'll concentrate on getting things in focus first, and some better results the way I'm working now, get the hang of that some more and then try some other methods. I'm amazed at what detail the photographs can pick up, already far more than I thought I'd be capable of!

  7. Well, I didn't get too many pictures, as I expected, and eventually the clouds won! I thought this made an interesting picture, I've tried to sharpen it up some to improve it. I like the colours that have come out, it's a shame I couldn't focus better :)

    Still happy with the result on a personal level anyway!


  8. Hi Sheri,

    Thanks for the advice and for having a tinker with the picture, I can see the unsharp mask has brought out even more detail, I've saved this picture to add to my folder of first attempts if that's ok. I am using Photoshop so I will have a play with this filter.

    I've popped out tonight, but I don't think I'll get anything very good as the atmospherics were really making it hard to focus and there was a lot of rippling in the air, but it gives me a chance to get used to camera settings.

    I'm glad I'm on the right track, and hopefully can improve in time.

  9. hi all,

    This is my first real try at getting a photo of the moon, and although not brilliant by any means, I'm personally really proud of myself after not really knowing what I was doing and relying on a lot of trial and error (I took over 100 snaps last night and only found about 3 or 4 that were half usable!)

    Despite all the messing around in the cold trying to get something on the small screen of the camera, I really enjoyed it last night.

    The family was impressed anyway, and I'm hoping to try again when there are some shadows on the moon etc for some better snaps. Once I'd uploaded them, I messed about with the levels and curves a little until I saw something I liked, without really knowing what I was doing (half the fun!).

    The biggest thrill for me was that I did it all myself and have had great pleasure looking at them since, and now I hope to improve on this as I get more used to all the different ways of getting a picture. I'm sure there are a million faults with the results, but for a first attempt I'm ecstatic at what I've got! I was most excited about how much detail showed up despite being such a bright moon, I don't have any filters or such as yet.



  10. Congratulations !

    Your 6" F/8 scope is an excellent planetary scope - just wait until you see Saturn through it !.

    Really looking forward to that! I just need to work out what eyepieces would suit me best, at the moment I'm just using the supplied 10 and 25mm pieces, both of which seem to have their pro's and cons. Nevertheless, since I've only used the telescope 2 or 3 times, already I've seen some great stuff and I'm really pleased with the scope I chose.

  11. I managed to get to have a look at Jupiter earlier this evening before it sank out of the sky, and as it was my first look at it through the telescope I thought I'd write about what I saw.

    I was hugely impressed with the sight, I could clearly see 3 moons. Jupiter itself was a sharp bright disc, bulging slightly across the middle and just below the centre I could make out a darker band of cloud, a very faint brown against the pale yellow planet. I didn't expect to see as much as that, and although only small in the eyepiece, it still was very impressive, and the image was very sharp and well defined. It moved across the view a little slower than I expected, although I was looking at it at a fairly low power. I tried higher power, but it was a little too dim to make much detail out.

    I spent a good 45 minutes trying out different eyepieces and the like until it was falling too low to give a useful view. For my first view however, I'm very happy, to see a band of cloud and such a sharp disc was more than I expected. I'm going to start making some sketches and notes about what I've seen as tonight was totally fascinating! I think I'm hooked!

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