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  1. I think you can just buy a new mount if you really wanted to, don't need to replace the rest. I've an alr-az which i find very easy, but tried an EQ and was bamboozled. As it was a reflector too and all was upside down i was baffled even further. Equally, i couldn't get my head around the whole reverse east-west thing either. I haven't started long and was becoming dispirited too, but the advice above is very motivating - onwards and upwards!
  2. First thing i tried to do when i got my first scope was look for the double stars in the Plough, Alcor and Mizar, which was great and easy enough for a first timer. When i looked them up on the Starwalk app i had to zoom right in order to see them. They were still pinpricks however and there were very few stars around them - it was impossible to zoom past them. I assume this is because of a limit in its database but i assume i should realistically be able to see much more beyond this with my 4" refractor ? I appreciate this sounds daft but wondered why these stars seemed to define SW's limit
  3. I have a 4" refractor and all i've read states one should never clean the lenses of the EPs or the objective lens with any type of material - ever! However, i've also just been given a nice pair of binoculars and the care and cleaning instructions for these say it's fine to use an optical cleaning cloth or lens tissue - why the contradictory advice?
  4. Hi, just getting into this hobby and amazed by the amount of kit which is available. I have a f5 refractor 102mm aperture and was considering getting larger aperture reflector as an alternative. The Skywatcher 200 dobsonion seems to have many fans here but i noticed it's also a pretty fast scope. Chances are i'm not going to do a lot of imaging so should i avoid 2 fast scopes (regardless of the difference in size)?
  5. Hi, I recently bought a 102mm refractor but would appreciate some advice with regards transportation. If I disassemble the scope to make it easier to pack and go, I remove the EP and the diagonal but this leaves the end of the tube open – should there be a cover for this (I’m using clingfilm to try and stop dust etc contaminating the lenses when on the move….). I could leave the diagonal in place but am worried it may get damaged….
  6. Brian Cox, Brian May; lots of astronomer musicians out there but you may have to change your name to Brian!
  7. Spent an eternity researching this when i first received my new scope and plumped for the baader hyperion zoom. I've been very impressed on the limited exposure it's had, but just wish there were less clouds so i could get out more!
  8. Another SGL lover here, such a helpful community. I can see the reasons behind restricting classifieds to committed members but when i clicked on that section it stated i need 250 posts to submit something for sale. Is this only for selling or am i able to purchase now i've passed the magic half century?
  9. Thanks all, was being daft and didn't appreciate they were talking about the diameter of the tube rather than the lens - doh! Is the one on FLO all i'd need?
  10. OK, first scope, major lack of clear skies for last 4 weeks, so thought about solar viewing. I have a 102 skywatcher refractor and understand any effective filter needs to cover the main aperture. I did a quick search and the only thing i could find was this http://www.firstlightoptics.com/solar-filters/astrozap-baader-solar-filter.html Unfortunately though my aperture isn't covered. Any recommendations on alternatives which won't break the bank please?
  11. I was given a skywatcher 102 refractor f5 for my birthday as my first scope recently. After spending too much time dipping my toes in the water of this new hobby (partly due to the sheer depth of the subject and partly due to the constant cloud) i realised an eyepiece upgrade made sense. I spent an eternity prevaricating between the different types of lenses, agonising over things like pupil exit, FOV, optimal magnification and brand until my head was spinning. Eventually i opted for the Baader Hyperion Zoom and (despite the misgivings mentioned) have found it amazing - so nice not to have t
  12. Welcome from Wales! I've just started but wow, what a great hobby
  13. Hi Dan, another keen recipient here if possible. I'm just starting out and have realised there's so much info on the net it's easy to find yourself clicking from link to link and becoming distracted - a structured approach sounds like just the ticket!
  14. Thanks all, just remembered it was Stikky Night Skies which L8-Nite recommended. After a recent dark sky outing with my first scope i realised i need to get my bearings first!
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