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  1. Hopefully when I have fitted the lens to the mount I can run some comparisons between the premium camera lens and my Esprit 100.
  2. Great! I just ordered the 18cm Astro essentials dovetail bar from FLO. I have some spare bolts so and they should fit into the recess on the underside of the bar!
  3. Ok I think the medium vixen bar will not quite fit the holes on the lens so instead I will get the shorter 18cm bar. It has slots instead of holes so should be easy to fit!
  4. Hi @Skipper BillyI just measured the screw holes in the foot of the mount...looks like they are separated by 3.6cm, shorter than my long vixen dovetail. Hi there @Philip R do you know if the two holes in the medium Vixen dovetail match with the mounting foot (separated by 3.6cm)? Thanks for all your help!
  5. Thanks for the replies, I do have a spare vixen dovetail and I can run a screw through one of the holes but the spacing is different on the lens foot so I can only get one screw in. I may have to drill a new hole through the dovetail bar to get this to work...
  6. Hi there everyone, I was recently loaned a long telephoto lens (Canon EF 500mm F4), it's a fantastic lens and I really want to do some AP with it but I am not sure what's the best way to mount it. I have a AZ EQ6 mount with an ADM Side-by-side bar which accepts both Vixen and Losmandy dovetails. Does anyone know of a solution. Here's a couple of photos: The mounting bar currently attached to the lens foot is too wide for a Vixen attachment bar and too narrow for a Losmandy. Thanks everyone Dan
  7. spaceman_spiff

    Planetary work

    This album contains my newer images of Solar System objects taken using my 150mm Skymax Mak-Cass.
  8. Nice result! I got a similar view with my Skymax 150. I want to go out again soon and capture the crescent thinning! Dan
  9. Really good timelapse, nicely done. Interesting when the street light turns off you see the sky glow and then the flood light turns on next door; sort of a rock and a hard place. Even so, your sky looks great overhead.
  10. Imaging tonight - All aligned, focused and framed, i'm on M51 atm.  :)

  11. The light hitting my camera was almost half a billion years old! Quite unbelievable really...
  12. There is a very faint elliptical galaxy just below and to the right of the star I labelled...it could be that.
  13. Interesting...Thanks for the reply Waddensky. 6.3% of NGC objects are single stars or not locatable! That's a lot!
  14. I almost forgot I had this one. Its a copy of the 'New Popular Star Atlas' from 1974.
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