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  1. I don't disagree with you but I don't agree eirher. The 200p is in many ways a better scope . You see more detail. its easier to use straight out of the box and its cheaper. However you are absolutely right that that doen't make it necessarily the best scope as you pointed out peoples needs are different. I don't drive and I can't view from home so my gear needs carrying this rules out the dob and by the way the 127 skymax as the mount tripod and battery makes it too heavy for my 3/4 mile walk to view. So I do agree that the dob isn't necessarily the best scope and by the same token neither is the skymax and for similar reasons neither is my ts 80x480 triplet which although double to triple the price of both scopes doesn't from a city site show as much as either the skymax or dob. All scopes are a compromise so there is no stand out best scope just a best fit. Which of course is where you came in and something I do agree with about getting as much info as posible and listening to what is being said. The best scope is a mixture of affordability, usability, portability and performance where your priorities lie depends on the order and weight you give each attribute. to my eyes the 200p out scores the mak in affordability , performance, tied on usability and is slightly less portable.

    So my definition of  best scope is" the biggest scope that you can use easily and comfortably in all the places you are likely to use it" for some people that;s going to be an 18" dob in the back garden for others its going to be a 70mm achro they have portaged into the countryside,

    So is the 200p the best scope? No. but it can be  and likewise for the skymax or the celestron 70 or edge 14" on cpc et al

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