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  1. I would be interested in portable or non eq imaging
  2. you can attach a polar scope using tool clips I put one on an eq 1 once
  3. don't know where the official thank you thread is . So I will post my thanks here. Many thanks to Daz and helpers for the hard work that goes into these events its been great to see old friends, meet new ones and appreciated the convenience of not having to set up my scope.
  4. https://seshatsjournal.wordpress.com/2015/08/05/iron-in-egypt-came-from-the-sky/
  5. thanks I am quite pleased as it's the first time I have tried stacking
  6. this was taken on an olympus omd em5. Prime focus to a C5 spotter on a star adventurer mount. 12 frames of 1/500 exp, iso 800 stacked and processed in photoshop.
  7. another pic from Lucksall
  8. Great pics as usual Steve A couple of mine here
  9. rowan46

    SGL XI Chit Chat

    A big thanks from me to the organisers it was lovely catching up with everyone at another successful star party here is a pic of jon h he really needs to see the doctor about his bladder problem
  10. I think this is as good as I can get with my omd em5, 50-200mm lens and 2x telextender shot at f11. 1/1000 and iso 800
  11. just wanted to add my thanks for all the work undertaken on our behalf its appreciated
  12. this was processed to look as much like the naked eye as I could and then processed for aesthetics
  13. olympus omd em5 with 0lympus 12-60 zoom set5 at 12mm, 5 sec exp, iso 1600. f2.8. manual focus the sensor is a 2x crop. if you haven;t booked your northern lights tour yet just take the cheapest as they all go to the same place. This was the advice given by our independant reykjavic city tour guide and indeed so it turned out. when we got there plenty of other companies were there and more turned up
  14. using an em5 with 200mm lens and telextender cropped and sharpened in photoshop, f7, 1/400 iso200 focal length 400mm 2x crop sensor
  15. I agree it is the more logical move and when I get the chance I do put links through but it comes down to some people would rather use facebook than a forum. These people are primarily photographers who wish to photograph space rather than astronomers who wish to image what they have seen. Some people are starting to realise they will need some knowledge of astronomy but most just want to take photo's and would feel daunted coming to an astronomy forum to ask for advice.
  16. First of all if this is a breach of the rules my apologies and if mods decide that this is so I understand. I recently joined a facebook page on photography as I am learning how to do it and people have been very helpful. It has however become so big that it has had to split into various sub divisions one of which is astrophotography. The problem here is that although there are a lot of people interested in the subject there are no experienced imagers. Is there anybody interested in helping a bunch of rank beginners to do some imaging. You will need the patience of job as most don't even know what a t-ring is they have no idea what equipment is used or why. I see it as a sort of outreach thing I don't need many just a couple of people who know what they are doing and can spend a few minutes a week to encourage a bunch of newbies who have no idea but would like to learn a little. pm me if interested.
  17. That does look interesting I need to figure out a way of focussing that doesn't involve me using a soldering iron or having to reprogram. thankyou it does open up avenues of investigation
  18. This is not my first stupid Question and I have no doubt it will not be my last but could a GoPro be used for planetary imaging? I am trying to think of ways to do planetary imaging without a laptop or is there a webcam that could be hooked up to a small tablet? I am pretty much at my limit with what I can carry.
  19. IF you want to be really precise about it. Level the tripod with a level then put the mount on the tripod and level that. Then glue the disc with the 0 under the pointer and that will be as accurate as you can get it. In truth the scale is not very accurate and will only give a very general direction.
  20. for moon shots basically anythng you can stick on the back of your scope will work pretty well, some thing are better but basically with the moon its all good
  21. They are also very good and highly recpommended
  22. its a cost benefit thing fast scopes are what you need for imaging an 80mm is relatively cheap to get a reasonable focal ratio a 100mm costs an awful lot more. take the ed80 at 7.5 its a relatively slow scope add the focal reducer and you get 6.35 which makes it just within the realms of easily usable for imaging. If you take the 100 ed at f9 and add the reducer you get f7.65 which is still a slow scope for imaging this means you need longer exposures maybe a better (more expensive mount) take a look at the esprit one of the cheaper good 100mm scopes optimised for imaging you are talking about £1400 Nb people are recommended the ed 80 not because its the best but because its the easiest cheapest scope to use. the usual question we get is "whats the cheapest easiest scope to start imaging with?" the cheapest imaging scope is now the 130 pds although some would argue that the ed80 is easier
  23. To be honest thats why I put the post out getting to see one in the flesh is not easy as there are no astroshops in birmingham and I don't drive
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