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    Astronomy,Gamer, Enjoying the night sky
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    Van Buren, Arkansas
  1. So far my favorite is Saturn for sure, I check it out every night unless it's cloudy! Just so amazing
  2. Beast Bro

    Hey Guys!

    Thanks man! Yeah long process but we going to make the best of it!
  3. Yeah sweet, I would assume just the planets,Saturn and Jupiter mostly, but the moon hasn't been that bad on me yet, I'm sure a full moon willow
  4. any ideas on the best ones let me know, going to snag them this weekend if any luck on Amazon.
  5. Beast Bro

    Random New guy stuff!

  6. Beast Bro

    Hey Guys!

    Got a picture of the moon and a little extra haha my iPhone 5 holding in my hand lol
  7. Had A great night of viewing!

    1. xtreemchaos


      do us a report so we can see what where missing.

    2. Beast Bro

      Beast Bro

      Watched the moons for a good hour before it went behind some trees ;( got to get insane close and check all the visible craters will need to get a filter tho haha. Watched Saturn for most of the night, just such an awesome thing to see. Couldn't see Jupiter because of few obstacles but I just founds tons of stars all around the Big Dipper. I'm not sure on a couple of the real bright stars I seen. I've seen them listed but I'm not that good yet haha.

    3. xtreemchaos


      thats cool mate you had a good night, star names will come to you in time,stellariium is a good tool for learning your way around the sky,its free to download if you havnt allready got it.thanks for the report.

  8. Beast Bro

    Hey Guys!

    Yeah I have realized that the 3x is a bit much for what I have but will be awesome to have down the road when I upgrade. I live out on the country side so there really Isn't much light around and been having really good viewing sessions this past weekend. So far I've probably put 20 hours of viewing in the 3 weeks since I've bought it. Sadly I work night shift and always get up early to view before work which is awesome! Weekends have been cloudy besides last night which I put about 6-8 hours of use in it lol.
  9. Beast Bro

    Hey Guys!

    Do you guys think a 2x Barlow with a 32mm eyepiece? And if so, which one would you guys choose?
  10. Welcome to SGL! You will probably love that scope! Looks like a fantastic one!
  11. Beast Bro

    Hey Guys!

    Thanks man, I'm really liking my scope, but I know it's not overall really powerful, but a fantastic starting point. M
  12. Beast Bro

    Hey Guys!

    Yeah I would rather spend a good amount on the mount so in the future I can upgrade the scope and it be perfect.
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