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  1. Hi all A few nights ago I had my first serious attempt at imaging with my Star Adventurer. Long story short but I can’t seem to get my MacBook to open the NEF files from my camera (Nikon raw image files). They download as thumbnails but I can’t open or view them and can’t download them to stacker software. Any ideas ?
  2. Hi. I’m wondering what would be a good starting point for first time stacking? I looked at Deepskystacker but it’s not available for Mac unfortunately. I’m willing to pay. Should I just go straight for light room/photoshop etc ?
  3. Whats a good free Mac option ? I spent the last hour reading through Deep Sky Tracker only to discover its Windows only ?? Looks like Nebulosity cost £90 or so.
  4. Thanks for the advice. Here's a few of the snaps I took last night. Not too bad I suppose. How can I make them better ? These are roughly 1 min exposures, f3.5, ISO 400 I think with my my bog standard Nikon D3400 and the 18-55 kit lens it came with. I'm a Mac user. What are my best options for stacking software ?
  5. I'm having my second go tonight with my dslr and Star Adventurer combo. Right now I'm just learning the very basics, playing around with camera settings etc. I think my next step is probably to start figuring out how to stack images. I've had a look through the forum but can't find an absolute beginners guide for idiots on image processing. What is the simplest software for me to start with ? Id like to work towards Milky Way and foreground images like this. I've really no idea how to even start. Is an image like this a composite of many ? Do you take the foreground image and superimpose it on the other ? Thx
  6. Aaaah, it's connected to the RA axis. D'oh. Got it sorted now. Thanks !!
  7. My Skywatcher Star Adventurer arrived yesterday. I was keen to set it up and give it a go. This is my very fist time attempting imaging i.e. I'm a total newbie. Question 1 (of about a million) ; I'm totally baffled by the polar alignment and the scope. I've watched a number of you tube vids. In all of them the '6' of the polarscope circle is always at the bottom. When I look through mine the 6 is in the 2 o'clock position and I can't figure out how or if it can be adjusted. Do I just have to transpose Polaris onto the scope ? As it happens according to the app on my phone Polaris was almost central at that time so I was able to get a reasonable alignment. My pictures, although mostly crap, were reasonably sharp. I tried to take a pic of the polarscope;
  8. Hi. I'm a total beginner at imaging. I'm starting off small and easing in to things slowly. I have (or will have) a Star Adventurer and Nikon D3400. I'm also willing to buy one lens. I have the standard 18-55mm it came with which is probably not that much use. A friend has a 180mm f2 he's offered me on the cheap. Would this be a good option ? Suggestions please, thanks.
  9. Hi all I shall be watching the eclipse in a few weeks in South Carolina. I'm looking for some advice on how to set up my camera to get the shot i want. I shall be viewing with my family and the picture I'm imagining is the 4 of us in the foreground with the eclipsed sun behind us. I'll only have one shot at getting this right and don't want to miss the event fiddling with camera settings. So, my question is, can anyone give me a good idea of how I should set the camera up, what settings, aperture, shutter speed, ISO etc to use. I have a remote trigger and tripod. I'll try plenty of practice shots in the nights before around dusk but that won't give exactly the right results I expect. Thoughts please ?
  10. For years I've received the magazine through the post every month. This year I thought I'd try a digital subscription. The first issue downloaded just fine.....and it's really nice in the ipad. However, the march edition is nowhere to be seen. I've tried contact the magazine but the published email address comes back as 'undeliverable' Is anyone else having any problems with the digital subscription ?
  11. Hi all I'm thinking about buying the Universe2go kit for my kids. It's a bit pricey at nearly £70. Has anyone here used one or have any thoughts to offer ? http://universe2go.com/en/ Thanks.
  12. Been out twice now with an 8inch dog and can't find the little blighter.
  13. Gravity is purely dependant on the mass of the object that creates it. The more massive an object, the greater the gravity well it creates. Correct ? Does then the mass of an object increase if you compact it down ? For instance, if I took a planet, squashed it down to half it's original size without losing any of its mass, will it produce a greater gravitational pull ? To my mind, (and I'm no expert) the answer is no. The reason I ask this is because I was thinking about black holes the other days whilst on the loo. As we know a black hole is a collapsed star. Why would it be that the black hole, which has no more mass than the star that created it (at least initially), have such a stronger gravitational pull ?
  14. I put a couple wanted posts on Uk Astronomy Buy & Sell recently for a V3 GOTO synscan handset. I received several replies mostly from outside the UK which I deleted. One or two were from people in the UK but something about their reply wasn't quite right. How can you tell genuine sellers on this site ? Buzz
  15. I thought Maggie was great. There's just a hint of SPM in the way she speaks. It was nice. But more importantly........I'm in love with Helen Czerski. She's a babe ! Schwiiiing.
  16. Not quite Hubble quality but a fun experiment none the less. I simply held an iPhone up to the eye piece (iPiece ?) wiggled it around to find the planet and snap ! I tried this a few months ago with a rising moon against a dusk sky with pretty good results.
  17. Thanks for the replies. A little more research required on my part........
  18. I've just bought a second hand SW 127 supertrak. I want to make it a GOTO by connecting a synscan handset. If I do, will it still track objects as it does now or will I lose that function ? Thanks
  19. Thanks for the replies. Another stupid question for you. How do I get the software on to the handset ? Presumably I download it my laptop and then what ? Does the synscan handset have a USB port ?
  20. Ha, I just got another reply from seller as I posted the original question !! It's version 3.12. Is ths the latest version ? I need the version that will allow my 137 alt/az supertrak work as a goto. How would one go about updating it ?
  21. This is probably a silly question but is it possible to tell which version of firmware is installed on a synscan hand set just by looking at it ? I'm looking at one to buy on ebay but seller isn't sure what version is installed. Many thanks
  22. Hi all A friend offered me his SW 127 supertrak for not much money. Is it possible to make it a goto by plugging in a synscan hand set or is it not tht simple ? Many thanks
  23. As SGL members do we still get a discount at First Light Optics ? If so, how ? I thought the code was SGLxx but doesn't seem to work now. Anyone ?
  24. Following the saga of ISON swinging past the sun I was wondering just how strong the gravity of the sun is at the distance ISON passed (as expressed in g's). We say earths gravity on the surface is 1g. What g is the sun on its 'surface' and at 1million km assuming a body at rest ? Buzz
  25. It looks to be more and more likely that ISON didn't survive. The NASA Stereo probes haven't seen anything reappearing from th sun. Really quite sad about it actually.
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