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  1. Thank you for your input guys. Cosmic Geoff, are you saying the GPS can replace the need for using Starsense? Can you recommend a GPS system? Iain
  2. Good evening, It's been a while since I last posted. Back then, I had a 200P Dob. I ended up selling the dob as I just wasn't getting out enough with it. My astronomy journey never really took off, although my interest has never wavered. Well, the calling has returned and I've been saving for a more portable scope. I've budgeted around £1000 and have my eye on the Nexstar 6SE. If I may, could I ask a few opinions? My budget includes a dew shield and maybe an extra lens. Is it worth saving more for the starsense or will I manage without it for now? ] Do any of you guys own a Nexs
  3. Thank you guys. I think I need to learn a little more about LST and also the vernal equinox and the first point of Aries. I've had a look further into it and I believe i'm getting a much better grasp of it. Thanks to NigeB also. I believe I was asking (in a muddled fashion) what the celestial equivalent of GMT is. I have my answer. A planisphere seems to be a tool that would come in handy and is on it's way to me. My equipment setup is getting bigger each week. I can't wait to get the Rigel Quikfinder and RACI scope.
  4. Hi guys, I've now have my copy of the Backyard Astronomer, Turn Left at Orion and the Cambridge Start Atlas. I'm learning more and more each day. I'm struggling with the concept of RA and DEC. I understand so far, how they are measured and can work my way through the charts in a very amateur way. What I can't seem to grasp is this: Say I'm looking up at Ursa Major which is measured at 11h and 50 degress declination. How exactly does that relate to where I stand on our planet? Where does 0 hours RA begin? I think what I'm asking is if there is a point at which I could look up and have an immedi
  5. Cheers folks. Very much obliged for your help. Iain
  6. Ok thanks guys. I think then I might be better to settle on a Rigel Quikfinder and the 9x50 RACI. Does the Quikfinder replace the need for a RACI? I think i'm confused as I want to be able to see through the finder without too much bending. Would I be using them both for different purposes? Iain
  7. Good evening folks. I've just had my first proper look at the moon since receiving my new scope. It was very clear and exciting to see it in all it's glory. One other thing which was clear was the backbreaking effort required from me when looking through the finder scope. I didn't realise I could make so many varying noises! So, I think need to get a right angled scope sooner rather than later. I've already ordered an observing chair, extra books and a couple of lenses. I was hoping to buy the scope later in the month but I just can't keep trying to bend around that scope. I've had a look at t
  8. That's some fantastic advice, thanks to all of you. I know myself well enough to admit I can be a tad impulsive and have been so in the past with my other ventures. However, astronomy has been a lifelong interest which has developed over the years and I really do want to tread softly which is why I am asking first and buying later. I have been in touch with and have visited Peter from the Astronomy Centre in Todmorden which isn't too far. I intend to visit much more over the coming months. Peter has offered to help me set up my scope and offer advice. On top of that,I get to see his awesome ob
  9. Last question for the evening. I have the standard 10mm, 25mm and a Barlow lens with my Dob. Another thread on here suggest getting 5mm and 16mm eyepieces to complete my eyepiece kit. I don't want to end up buying cheap and nasty pieces, nor do I want to spend too much initially. Are there brands which you could recommend I should be looking at to ensure I can get a decent enough quality without going overboard with my budget? If the standard eyepieces which are included with my dob could be improved by spending a little now rather than later then i'm open to suggestions there too. Thank you.
  10. Thanks Damian. I kind of figured that but I don't want to begin enjoying my hobby by making assumptions that could cost me Cheers. Iain
  11. Thanks guys. I hadn't heard of a RACI finder and will have a good look around for one. I had a quick look through the finder last night and found it terribly uncomfortable and that was only after a few minutes. I think a RACI will become an essential addition to my ever expanding kit. I didn't realise how expensive those observing chairs were. I think an ironing chair will suffice for now. Another quick question. My scope is currently stored in my conservatory which is only heated when used in the winter. It's fairly cool in the evenings. How long should I leave it outside to cool before usin
  12. Good evening fellow gazers. I've just taken delivery of my new scope. It's a Sky-Watcher 200p Dob. It's gorgeous and I can't wait to get started with it. I anticipate having some serious back issues unless I source a decent chair/stool for gazing and would like to ask some opinions and possibly some suggested sites in the UK where I might find one. It's been a while since I posted as i've had a busy few months but I hope to be around more often, especially now the skies are darker earlier and i'll have more time available to do some gazing. Thank you in advance. Iain
  13. iainmax


    Welcome to the SGL Morio. They are a lovely bunch of people here.
  14. Well, i think I may have successfully colllimated my telescope for the first time. Everything seems to line up perfectly. I guess the best test is to wait for dark and see what Polaris looks like through the viewfinder. Fingers crossed!
  15. Thanks kalasinman. I shall give that a try this evening. Iain
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