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  1. Hey, If you monitor ebay, you will certainly be able to get a good starter scope for you budget. I just had a quick look, and there are a few sub £60 'scopes available. Dont expect a 6" and bigger bad boy, it will look more like a 60-90mm refactor, or possibly a slightly larger Newtonian. If in doubt, and its been said a lot here, but some binoculars! They are amazing, giving you a good view of the stars, moon, planets, DSOs. Damn sight cheaper too. Basically, its not all about having a telescope. Though they are lovely.
  2. Hey all, I have the Celestron 15x70 bins, and the Hama Star 63 tripod. Id love to get something that would allow better vertical movement, and was considering a ball head adapter, and possibly some kind of trigger thingy to go with it. Any recommendations? Sorry for the vagueness! Thanks in advance. C
  3. Absolutely loving the darkness calendar! Thats amazing work!
  4. Clouds meant Saturn didnt turn up. But even still, what a night!
  5. So far tonight, Mars and Jupiter have already been beautifully observed! Saturn next! Hopefully in the next 10 mins! This is an amazing sport!
  6. Thanks all! Hopefully i'm not becoming too reliant on you lot! noah, you got it spot on! All sorted now! Mars here i come!
  7. Yeah, i have gone for London as the nearest City, but that's a good 50-70 miles away. I have an LCM series and it appears to be the next version of the hand controller (Celestron button rather than "INFO"), and i found it easy to configure these settings.
  8. Hi all, So, Im trying to reset the location on my 6SE, and its not giving me the option to set the Long/Lat of the scope. It merely gives me a list of cities to choose from. Where on earth am i going wrong? Do i need to do the firmware update that i have been dreading? Thanks in advance! C
  9. Thanks for your reply! It was all second hand, so i'm happy enough with the bundle at the moment, although i'm fully expecting to upgrade over time. My previous scope, while it has a soft spot in my heart, was terrible. Regarding LP filters, I have heard mixed reviews, could you recommend one for me to have a look at? Also, how do you power telescope? I'm a bit confused about tanks and what leads are required. Thanks again!
  10. Hi all, As mentioned previously I'm the extremely proud new owner of this 'scope, and i cant believe what a difference it has made over my previous 'scope. The bands on Jupiter are crystal, even in my light polluted garden, and with poor seeing. Its amazing! Anyway to my question. I'm looking to get a few bits to make my enjoyment of this scope even better, and was wondering if anyone could help or add to my list: Dew Shield Power Supply. With this i am torn between the standard Celestron/Skywatcher tank, which i think should work out of the box, or spend a bit more on the Tracer Lithium Power pack, which i am unsure about if they have all the leads required. Any advice here would be fantastic. Some lens cleaner (see previous post). I'm also tempted to get the various bits to attach my Cannon DLSR to, just to see what i am capable of. I bought it with the Celestron 1.25'' lens kit, so i have some ok EPs and filters to start with. Anything else i am missing, or should definitely add? Thanks in advance C
  11. Thanks for your quick reply. So, its not the absolute "no no!" that i thought it was? Really don't want to destroy my new scope!
  12. Hi all, So I am the happy new owner of a second hand 6SE (sorry about the clouds for the next few days/weeks, its all my fault), but I have noticed some finger prints on the corrector and some of the eye pieces. I know you aren't meant to clean these normally, but what advice would you give if I need to? They aren't major, but it would be good to know how to go about it, if its affecting things. Thanks C
  13. Evening all, So on my (fairly long) quest to get a new 'scope, i watched this video today. Seems the OTA's primary cant be collimated. Thoughts? Anyone have one of these? For me, this is a bit of a worry, but the chap in the video, from his comments in the comments section, seems to suggest that all is fine, and its possibly the future... Thanks C PS: I'm also interested in any feedback on the 'scope itself, I'm very tempted.
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