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  1. That is a really nice collection of images... thank you for posting them!
  2. Hawkspar

    Hi All

    Hi Tosh and a big welcome aboard from Pennsylvania!
  3. Ok... thank you guys. It seems I am seeing just what I'm supposed to see then! And yes Charic, I do also use a pair of 10x50's that work really well. Thanks guys... great input as always!
  4. Let me explain... the reason I am looking for possibly some more magnification is because the other night I was looking at Saturn through my 15x70's and I could not resolve it into anything more than a bright blob really. Now I'm pretty new to Binocular Astronomy so I'm not really sure what I should be able to expect from them. I'm interested in viewing objects such as Nebula's, star clusters and pretty much Messier objects. Since I am such a newbie I'm not sure if I should have been able to resolve Saturn any better with 15x70's or not? Or possibly they may be slightly out of adjustment? I know looking at objects on the ground things look good and clear and stars look pretty clear I think. I've heard people mention on the Lounge about the stars looking like perfect pinpoints through these bins but I'm not sure mine are quite that good? Back to Saturn, I could definitely tell that it was not a star I was looking at. It was sort of a yellowish blob I guess. No rings or hint of rings could be discerned. So I guess my question is this, does this seem right using Celestron Skymaster 15x70's? Am I expecting too much or is this about right? I realize that they are binoculars and not a telescope so I cannot expect telescope quality images. I'm just wondering if what I am seeing is about normal or if I may need some adjustments to these binoculars? Any help or advice would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you so much!PS--- What can I expect to be able to see with these things???
  5. I am looking for some advice in choosing between 2 sets of bins. I'm getting ready to order a new pair and I can't decide between 20x80's or 25x70's. I'm currently using 15x70's and I'm a little unhappy with the magnification level. I want something a bit more powerful. I like the idea of the wider FOV on the 80's but then I like the higher magnification on the 70's. I do however like the tripod mounting adapter much more on the 80's as well. I'm looking at Celestrons by the way. Anyway, any thoughts or advice would be very much appreciated... Thank you!
  6. Hi all... just a quick question about possible configurations to make things a bit more comfortable. I'm really new at this so please bear with me. First off I use a set of 15x70's that I have mounted on a pistol grip tripod which I love. I also take along a set of 10x50's which I hand hold and I just use the smaller ones as sort of a spotting scope. I'm sure this is a common problem but I am looking for advice on how to get around it. The tripod is fantastic up to about 50 to 60 degrees I would say. After that it gets pretty difficult. (Ouch my neck!) Last night I was attempting to look at Hercules for M13 and it was pretty terrible as it was almost directly overhead. I realize I need to sit in a chair but if I do I cannot use the tripod to stabilize the 15x70's. So I guess my question is how do I lay back to view the overhead sky and still stabilize my bins? Sorry for being verbose here! And thank you so much in advance for any advice I may receive!
  7. Hawkspar

    New Horizons at Pluto

    Really excited about this mission. I've been keeping track of the recent progress of New Horizons via NPR. They have been discussing it a lot and doing interviews and such with the Planetary Scientists who are directly involved. It will do the close fly-by on Tuesday. I'm pumped to see the images we get. As a cool side note... it has been and will continue to collect so much data that it will take the next full year to download it all back to Earth. Amazing!
  8. Hello Tony and welcome to the lounge!
  9. Those images are beautiful! Thanks for posting them for all to enjoy
  10. I use the Amazon Basics Pistol Grip Tripod for my 15x70's and it works perfectly. Of course my binocs weigh 3 pounds and yours weigh just over 10. I still am sure this tripod would work for you. It's a heavy and very sturdy tripod. The tripod weighs 10 pounds itself. I'm very impressed with mine and I love it. You could go online to Amazon and take a look for yourself. It's very reasonably priced as well. I got mine for 70 US dollars including shipping. Good luck with your new bins, I'm sure you'll love them!
  11. Finally after 17 days we have crystal clear skies! Woo-Hoo! I shall be stargazing tonight!!

  12. You are correct Alfian! It's 8:07 am here now and the sun is shining a little through the clouds this morning. That's promising!
  13. Hello there from Pennsylvania and welcome to the lounge! I hope you enjoy your new scope as I'm sure you will! Enjoy!
  14. Hello from Pennsylvania and welcome to the lounge! I hope you have a great experience learning and getting your photos! Have fun
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