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  1. Better than all of my attempts, well done. Mike
  2. Hi John, Thank you for the detailed information re: your AZEQ5 with my sw 130mm reflector the 5 would easily handle that no problem. When you mentioned that you thought you did not need the dual eq/altaz functions of the mount it really got me thinking in an entirely new direction. What if the ultimate in ease of use and weight could be found in a separate alt/az mount and eq mount. If you say had a string of nights where by chance or design you could only view for short periods your alt/az mount is out and ready to go. With your preferred visual scope permanently mounted . The eq side of the equation has some obvious benefits , ie: scope, auto-guider and camera in a permanent setup . Maybe even a specific spot in the backyard (not an obsy per say but just a spot you know you can polar align easily) you could do an imaging run and still have your az mount for visual or EAA. The question becomes what alt/az mount to purchase, your az/eq5 really only has one competitor in that price point which is the Ioptron AZ mount pro. The overall impressions of that mount are about 50/50 in getting one that does not need tinkering out of the box. The eq side of the equation has several offerings from sw ioptron and the like all of which I am a sure you are well aware of. I realize having 2 mounts is more money , but just putting that aside for a minute, having separate tools dedicated to one job certainly does sound appealing. Mike
  3. I have been struggling with what mount to get. I have to say the AZ EQ5 has been on my list, I read a great deal about “slop” in the dec axis both here and other boards. I have also looked at the AZ EQ6 which looks like a good mount but as was mentioned it is not as portable as the 5. I have looked at the Vixen SXD2 and the SXP2 , the SB 10 controller looks great, but it is strictly and EQ mount. I have heard great things about Vixen’s quality and ease of use right out of the box. My question is would I be missing out on alot of quick viewing sessions with strictly an eq mount? I am assuming that the advantage of AZ mode is quick setup when you just want a quick view or do some EAA? Mike
  4. Geoff, I think your efforts are great regardless of your equipment. I have tried with a dslr and the Ioptron Skyguider Pro and did not have the quality of images you posted. I really enjoyed them and best of luck in the future. Keep posting they are an inspiration to myself and all others starting in EAA. Mike
  5. Welcome to SGL, Mike
  6. Try Ben’s Astrophotography - Youtube Mike
  7. Those are all very good points to consider. It is my understanding the Astrel would control existing software for the auto-guider, mount and polar alignment. I see what you are saying I have a 5 function combination woodworking machine, which is great, but it is one massive machine and requires compromises to be made when switching between functions. The Astrel seems similar to me, I guess I am looking for the “lazy” way to control everything in one neat package. But it will definitely require more thought than I had originally planned on. Mike
  8. I have the SW 130 BKP DS reflector even with a focuser for imaging I can see how that would be a problem. Astrel sure is appealing as an all in one system. Would I need a moonlight focuser to handle the weight? Mike
  9. That sounds like a great rig Ivan. What made you choose the EQ6R in the end? Mike
  10. Well now that you bring up the cooling issue, it does make sense. A fellow on CN has ordered one I will wait and see how he makes out with it. Mike
  11. Oh yes a ccd camera with built in filter wheel check it out at. astrel-instruments.com , everything can be plugged into the camera and it makes it’s own WiFI. They are just new on the market, but it will be my next camera. Mike
  12. I want to get an Astrel camera as it has an onboard computer. The website says it can control , mount, guider and as an option a 32 gig sd card to store images. I currently have a Pentax K1 mkll and a Sony RX 100V. Both take astro images but , can’t compare to the Astrel. Sorry I forgot the link. Mike
  13. I have struggled with this very decision myself. The eqm-35 is also a tracker which is great I have a dslr which I would like to try on it. The CEM 25P can be fitted in the future with I Polar ( however Pole master is available for both). I like the hand controller of the ioptron better. Good luck. Mike
  14. +1 on the Canon 10 x 42 , amazing for astro. Yes they are that good. Mike
  15. While this is an old thread to be sure it is news to me. I have a SW 130 BKP DS and the fact that a dslr will not reach focus is a problem. The scope is marketed as an astrograph does that mean that only a ccd or cmos astro cams will work this scope? Mike
  16. I spent about 18 solid months researching before I made my first scope purchase. I bought a SW BKP 130 on a porta ll mount with a zoom ep. The scope on the planets and moon is ok, but from my backyard anything else is a big let down. The scope is light enough but not what I would call a great g&g scope. I know now that I am a quick look guy would have been better served with a refractor. I am going to keep the 130 for a ccd to do eaa with but as a visual scope in a light polluted back yard forget it. For visual I am going to stick to the moon and planets until I can afford a tracking mount and a camera. Mike
  17. Your moon shot is my new favourite, Well Done. Mike
  18. David, I am in the same boat as you are and I was thinking of purchasing the Ioptron AZ Mount Pro and the Mallincam Universe. I already have the SW BKP 130 DS which has a well built 2" focuser. I am looking forward to getting started in EAA, best of luck. Mike
  19. I really like my 10 x 42 for M45 and the like Mike
  20. Hello All, I just picked up my SW 130 reflector today and it looks great. Ofcourse it is raining outside, so I have been looking at a streetight out the living room window and practiing focusing and aligning the finder scope. I am waiting on my Baader zoom but everything looks good so far. Collimation has held from the shop to home. I have it on a vixen porta ll mount. The porta ll seems like a nice piece of kit (as you guys say across the pond ). Thanks to everyone for their help I feel I made an informed decision, that fit my budget and expectations. Mike
  21. I have ordered a Baader zoom with 2.25 barlow, no thats going to be some serious, mags. MIke
  22. First off thanks to everyone for their very helpful comments. After moving a Celestron 150xlt on a cg4 mount I knew that was not the goto for me. Just looking at the 200p I knew it would not fit in it's assinged corner in the living room (close to the door to the front yard) I then picked up and played with a Meade Polaris 130 and that size really appealed to me. I just wanted something a little higher end So I ordered a SW BKP 130 DS, on a vixen portaii mount. With the money I saved on aperture I am trying to decide between Hyperion zoom or single ep's with a barlow. What ep's do you guys like the best for your reflectors. Mike
  23. Hello All, Today I am going to the shop to buy either the 150p or 200p. I am interested in visual only and I am going to start with lunar observing . I want something I won't be bored with in three months and something that I can manage weight wise so that I will be able to take it outside with not alot of effort. I am sure you guys have either been in this dilema or know someone who has, I was leaning towards a 130p for a light G&G but I want as much aperture as I can manage. I have read in other posts ,as far as newts go ,that the 200p is the sweet spot in the lineup is this true? Thanks in advance for any help you could offer. Mike
  24. Louis, You have opened my eyes, the scope I was considering was the SW BKP 130 on a vixen starguy pro alt az mount. I foolishly thought the weight calculation of around 15 kg would not be a problem but as you say with the tripod , head ota that will be a handful. While I realize the purpose of a scope is to gather as much light as possible I have not investigated the dob ,as the design does not appeal to me. For me and probably me alone, the equipment has to have some visual appeal and that means a scope on a tripod . I would really like a medium size reflector but I don't have any experience to see the pitfalls before they come. I understand my first scope will not be my last but at 53 just entering the hobby I want to buy Quality and enjoy my new scope for awhile. I really appreciate all the helpful advice you have given me so far, keep it coming guys and gals I'm pumped for this new scope whatever it turns out to be. Mike
  25. Yes it would be for visual only. Sorry about the link I tried but I am not very good with the computer. It is under her blog of the same name. I really like the Quattro 200p CF. F4 I think. While it is made for astrophotograhy ,some guys on CN have used it for visual. The big scope has an attraction for me as long as it's weight and setup would not become a pain over time. Mike
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