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  1. Thanks, I hadn't thought about the physical limit of what the 1.25" tube could show but it makes perfect sense. I do have the 2" adaptor but that is getting a bit much.. for now
  2. That's pushing the budget but if pay it if it was getting me a better product, but.. the x-cel only seems to go as wide as 25mm and I can't find bst anywhere. Are the zoom eyepieces worth looking at at all? Or just a waste?
  3. Quick update: Sorted the finder scope, tightened the focuser and collimated the mirrors (seems like Ive managed a not bad job of it too!). Then last night the clouds cleared for about 45 mins so rushed out to the back garden quick set up and there was the Orion nebula! Looked great in my 25mm eyepiece. I'd like to get a wider one as well as maybe replacing the 10mm one I have as it just didn't seem right, although maybe that was just the turbulent sky, any suggestions on brand/types? I've seen a few reviews of some but several of the good reviews have the caveat that they were no good on f5 scopes and I don't want to waste my limited funds. Thanks for the help, now hoping for some clear sky's so I can try it out on a few more targets.
  4. Thanks everyone, I see that hidden screw your talking about saganite and rockystar and just tried it, about a 1/16 of a turn sorted it. I'll try that guide
  5. Hello, hoping someone can help with a couple of simple questions from a noob. I had been searching the classifieds for something simple like an 80-100mm refractor when I spotted a skywatcher 200p on an eq5 came up at a price I had to jump at, even came with a copy of turn left at Orion. It's home now and seems to be in near perfect condition, only a couple a niggles. 1, there's a screw missing from the finder scope but I'll pick up a replacement tomorrow at work. 2, the focuser seems very loose. If I tilt the tube so that the focuser is pointing up or down it rolls in or out under its own weight with no eyepiece, is this right? Or can it be adjusted? I've attached pics. 3, it needs collimated. The instruction manual suggests using a 35mm film case with a hole as a tool but is it worth picking up something a little more precise before taking on this job? 4, I have no idea if the polar scope has been put in right or not. I've seen a vid that explains how to center it correctly but how do I know if it's orientated right? Any help, pointers, links to instructions or videos would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi all, Total noobie here I'm afraid and I'm going to ask a question I'm sure has come up time and time again. I'm moving house in a couple of months, out of the city and into the Scottish borders where Id like to buy my first scope and have a look at what's above us. Id like one that could in the future turn its hand to basic astrophotography and DSOs would be the main objective, although lunar and planets would be a bonus too. I'm having a real hard time trying to figure out if a reflector or a retractor is the way to go as every bit of advice I read seems to contradict the next. My budget is not huge so I'm looking at something along the lines on a Starwatcher Explorer 130 or 150,.. or a startravel or Evostar in the 102-120 range. Id also like whatever I get to be portable enough that I can walk it through a field or up a small hill to get away from the roads/towns. Am I looking at the right kind of starter kit? any advice of what type of kit is best,.. or on specific models would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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