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  1. Thank you for this post The Warthog. It helped me decide which eyepieces to buy; I went for the Baader Hyperion 8, 13, 17 and 24mm for my 200mm F5 Skywatcher Reflector scope. So far the views have been great, except I found the secondary was loose, but that's a different post in a different forum
  2. Thank you very much everyone. You all have made me a nice warm welcome back It's clear skies at the mo and I have spent some time trying to properly set up my scope ......... Really want to get Neowise in it tonight. It's actually quite exciting! Just hope I collimated correctly
  3. Well, life took a turn and some just on my private side, now a pandemic! Like I said, not since 2015; don't seem that long ago but hey, time flies especially as you get older Been observing in the last couple of weeks Neowise and a lovely procession of planets, so hopefully I won't be away for so long again. Just thought I'd say hi.
  4. Thanks John and all you others. 200p delivery tomorrow it seems so exciting times
  5. Thank you everyone for your warm welcomes I still don't think M___ is closest though
  6. I'm Andrew from Essex, and am just getting back into Astronomy after a very long break. Haven't done any since I was a teenager, and that was a while ago Anyway, I have been looking for a telescope and have opted for the Skywatcher 200p from FLO. Seems like a fair light gatherer and a very good price too I think. I'm really very rusty on what's what in the sky so will need help, but the site registration Astronomy question was a good laugh, it asked: 'What's the closest planet to Earth M___ ' I know it's a trick question So hi all
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