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  1. Thanks alot for all of your responses guys
  2. I am using a sky watcher evostar 90 refractor telescope. It is only a basic starter scope but i know sky watcher are a reputable brand that are said to make good quaility scopes. It should keep me going for a little while. I have ordered a moon filter and anouther eyepeice so i am looking forward to doing some observing of the moon with it. here is the scope if your interested Sky-Watcher EVOSTAR-90 (AZ3)90mm (3.5") f/900 REFRACTOR
  3. Hi red dwalf, thanks for the quick reply. seems like i am not the only one then. and your telescope is better quality than mine i should imagin.
  4. Hi all, I have a question regarding Jupiter. I had a chance to have a brief look at Jupiter tonight with my sky watcher evostar 90 refractor telescope and I have to say I am slightly disappointed with what I saw. It seemed to be quite bright through my scope and I was only able to make out 2 cloud bands faintly. The highest magnification I used was only 90x as I only have two eyepieces at the moment but I have ordered another so I will be able to get a higher mag. I am not sure if the reason it is so bright is because there is a fair bit of light pollution in my area and my telescope is pickin
  5. This sounds good, i would also like to attend, i would be using just a tent with no need for electric. Thanks
  6. hi guys, im thinking of buying this eyepiece set Eyepiece Sets - Revelation Photo-Visual Eyepiece kit I would like your opinions on if its a good buy or not. Would the eyepieces be suitable for my skywatcher evostar 90 refractor ? Thanks.
  7. Thanks guys for your help and advice, it has been very usefull
  8. Hey, I'm Just wondering if anyone is familier with the Sky-Watcher AZ3 Alt-Azimuth Mount. I've not long had my telescope which has this mount. Im just wondering if i am operating the mount correctly. Here is the situation.... The azimuth movement is controled by a locking knob which you can untighten to allow azimuth movement left or right. Then there is a slow motion control which allows for small movement for centering objects. The altitude doesnt have a knob that you can unscrew, all it has is a Bolt which when i first got the scope it was very tight and did not allow movement in th
  9. Hi guys, My name is Matt I’ve just recently joined this forum, after being a regular visitor for a while now, I decided to join as I’ve read allot of posts on here and everyone on here seems to be very nice and knowledgeable about amateur astronomy. As I have not long had my telescope I am very much a beginner. The telescope I currently have is a sky-watcher Evostar 90 Refractor. I Know its not a very big scope but it will be a good starter scope for me as it is simple to use and is quite portable, and I am sure I will be able to do some good observing with it. I'd just like to know if anyone
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