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  1. Thanks. The 120 will be on an eq3 2 mount but I have here a still unused eq5. So in terms of picture clarity, what would be the main difference between the 120 and 200? And yes, I will use a filter for viewing the sun ? Thanks again
  2. Ok. Hello. Just starting astronomy again. Would like to view/photograph moon/planets and maybe sun? What would be best scope for this? My 200p dobsonian or a skywatcher 120 refractor? I also have a goto EQ5. Thanks
  3. Very nice pic. Thanks for posting. Mark
  4. Day or night, the moon always looks superb. Nice one. Mark
  5. Beautiful write up. So happy for you.. and your daughter! Mark
  6. Amazing picture. I've yet to see it like that. Thanks for posting. Mark
  7. Awesome as always. Always love the texture. Thanks. Mark
  8. More amazing pics. Thanks. Mark
  9. In a word: Absolutely awesome. Thanks for posting. Mark
  10. Fantastic detailed pic. You MUST have been in Luna orbit? Mark
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