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  1. Disappointingly there isn't a downloadable version, even though the year is 2015 !
  2. Hi all, I have recently joined this forum and some on the welcome section suggested I put a post here about the equipment I am thinking of getting. As the title suggests my main interest is imaging. I have several full frame DSLR's which I would like to utilise, however after asking a similar question on a photography forum it seems that some telescopes are not fully setup for full frame cameras. What I was thinking of getting was a "Sky-Watcher EQ6 PRO SkyScan GOTO Extra Heavy Duty Equatorial Mount and Tripod" & "Sky-Watcher Esprit-80ED Professional Super APO Triplet Refractor OTA". Reg
  3. Hi Saganite, I wasn't aware of any local clubs but to be honest I hadn't looked either as from reading on other forums over the years (generally photography not astro) people who were more into astrophotography than astronomy had been left out a bit. It kind of put me off clubs, however I am sure not all clubs are like this!
  4. Hi all, I am Tom and am new here. I'm looking to progress my interest of astrophotography. I have an iOptron Star Tracker which I use for wide-field images and this works well but I am now looking to go further afield. I made a fatal mistake in 2011/12 of buying a Celestron LCM114. I have never been able to even view through successfully and mounting a Canon 5D Mark III on it was like a sumo wrestler riding a mule. On the plus side it is still running the original AA batteries. I am now looking to purchase some new, and hopefully fit for purpose, equipment. I am looking at an Skywatcher
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