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  1. I'm sure this has been asked here before, but I have been unable to find a definitive answer, if indeed such a thing exists ! I am a new kid on the block and have only been gazing skywards for a couple of months with my newly purchased Bresser Messier AR-102/1000 EXOS-1. As most of you might know, this piece of kit comes with a chunky 2" diagonal with attached 1.25" converter. All eyepieces I have bought to date have been from the 1.25" stable. Results have been very satisfying,but what advantages would I get if I was to buy some 2" eyepieces ? I am aware that they are big and heavy, and more
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    After many years of promising to spend more time pursuing my lifetime interest in astronomy, I have just reached retirement so now feel the world (and the universe) are out there ! Done a lot of homework before buying my first 'real' telescope last week (Bresser 102/1000 AR) , I must say it was love at first sight............looking forward to many hours of stargazing, hopefully with the help and guidance from other SGL members.
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