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  1. Kit is ED120mm APO refractor, Canon 1100D for the full disc - about 40/150 frames stacked - ASI120mm with and without a 2.5x Powermate for the closeups - 32/5000 frames stacked. Processed in PIPP, AS2, Astra Image and Photoshop.
  2. The Sun is really putting on a show at the moment:
  3. Scale is done as the Sun is about 108 times the size of Earth - So measure the Sun image in Pixels and divide by 108, then get a "little Earth" the required number of pixels across. Job done!
  4. The grid is from "Tilting Sun" - Freeware.
  5. Nice clear sky and good seeing early this morning - lots going on as well!!
  6. Two new active areas coming into view! And one of them is a biggie!!
  7. Today's Sun with a new AR just coming into view - a few Ha folk had noticed a prom in this position earlier today:
  8. Pretty poor seeing today in what appeared to be a "clear blue sky":
  9. A hazy sky but good enough to get an image:
  10. It took over two hours to collect 17 useable frames today (How's that for dedication ) and this is the result. (I must add that there was quite a bit of gardening done during the cloudy bits!!)
  11. Superb set Luke - looking forward to seeing the full set when you have had time to process everything.
  12. Slightly hazy this morning but the atmosphere was quite steady for once. ED120APO / Canon 1100D / Baader filter, 44/150 single frames stacked for the full disc. ASI120mm camera / 2.5x Powermate and 64/3000 frames for the close up.
  13. Yes you can use the Dob filter for your camera lens - the best thing to do would be to make a cardboard holder so the filter is held in place. Scissors and glue technology is all you need! Just make sure that it can't blow off in the wind. If you are careful you should be able to make an adapter that allows the use of the filter on either the Dob or the lens.
  14. If you are anywhere between the tropics of Capricorn and Cancer the Moon can appear at the zenith. (In fact you can be very slightly outside these limits as the moons orbit has a slight inclination to the Earths orbit).
  15. Just a tiny gap in the clouds but enough to fire off 200 frames with the DSLR for this:
  16. Excellent first white light. Flats are easy enough - just take 500 frames of "blue sky" and use "create master frame" to produce your flat. You then need to "Load master flat" Before you open any lights (easy to forget!! ) and process in the usual way. It is easier however to clean the camera window!
  17. A clearing sky after overnight rain: 17 August 2017 stacked.tif
  18. A break in the clouds but very "wobbly" seeing today:
  19. A few clear spells this morning and a "new", quite complex AR coming into view!
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