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  1. Hello Buccaneer and welcome to SGL!!
  2. Hello Stewpot & Son and welcome to SGL!!
  3. Bizibilder


    Hello Bowdie and welcome to SGL!!
  4. Hello Sonnet and welcome to SGL!!
  5. Well done to get anything at all!! Cloudy all day here in Norfolk.
  6. Nice pictures - well focussed and pretty well perfect exposure.
  7. That really shows the difference! Thank you for posting as my own 1000D is having surgery at the moment for this very reason - should get it back on Monday.
  8. Or try these - every configuration you can think of! Lunar maps Just print them off and use.
  9. You actually need to collect your "guide" images "slowly" or all you are doing is chasing the seeing. One guide correcton every 2 seconds or so is more likely to give good guiding than one every half second. I think you may be confusing guiding with image aquisition. As long as the guide system collects an image of your guide star then it will guide on it. Your imaging scope is the one "collecting photons" to build up your faint DSO image.
  10. Have a look among the "stickies" at the top of the welcome section.
  11. That is an exellent image!! It appears to be in focus, which can be tricky to do! The Moon is very low in the sky at the moment so you will be fighting against atmospheric turbulence and poor "seeing" as astronomers call it. If you still have your twenty images try loading them into Registax 5 (freeware) and stacking them - you may find that your "stack" will improve the final image to a surprising degree! (If you are not sure what to do drop a reply and we will help you)
  12. I use a 50mm finder and QHY5 combination as a guide scope with no problems, my "main" scope being 900mm focal length. I believe that the finder guider is good for focal lengths of 1m or maybe a little more.
  13. Hello Paul and welcome to SGL!!
  14. Hello Andy and welcome to SGL!! Mars will be getting smaller from now on as it moves further away from Earth - just to make thing more difficult!!
  15. Bizibilder


    Hello mt01 and welcome to SGL!!
  16. Bizibilder


    Hello lancerde and welcome to SGL!!
  17. Bizibilder

    HI ALL

    Hello Andy and welcome to SGL!!
  18. Hello Siminiminom and welcome to SGL!!
  19. Bizibilder

    New boy

    Hello Griffgee and welcome to SGL!!
  20. Hello Chris and welcome to SGL!!
  21. Hello Steve and welcome to SGL!!
  22. Bizibilder

    Hi y'all

    Hello Mike and welcome to SGL!!
  23. Hello Tom and welcome to SGL!!
  24. Hello Stu and welcome to SGL!!
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