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  1. Bizibilder


    Hello Dave and welcome to SGL!!
  2. Hello Sologuitarist and welcome to SGL!!
  3. Or buy a weight from Tesco (fitness weight!). These are cheap and the central hole is a bit big. If you can find/make a bush to fit then they work well and only cost a few £££.
  4. Buy a camping mat (usually around £5) and make your own - just roll it round the end of the tube and tape it together. There is no rule on length but most folk seem to go for about 1.5x aparture.
  5. Exellent - even if the clouds wouldn't play - yet again!!
  6. That is superb - You cartainly manage to get every bit of detail out of your images.
  7. You are fast becoming a master of the afocal method. Lovely image and close-up.
  8. There is a lot going on there in Ha - lovely filaments and proms.
  9. Nice image - I'ts good to see folk imaging the Sun again after so much lousy weather!
  10. I stop down the 120 to 100mm so I can get two filters from one sheet of Baader film!! (I'm a meany and proud of it!)
  11. Finally a clear sky!! Todays Sun using my usual 120 achromat stopped to 100mm, Baader film, Canon 1100D/ SPC900.
  12. Could you post one of your flats? - I suspect that they are the problem.
  13. I have used a webcam (SPC900) through an ST80 Achromat and PHD software with complete success. The only difficulty is occasionally you may have trouble finding a bright enough guide star.
  14. Take your darks on cloudy nights - just record the temperature at the time. You will soon build up a library of them. Set yourself some "standard" exposure times to make life easier for yourself (I use 2min and 5min - if I need anything else then I have to take them specially).
  15. An exellent first DSO - I must say I prefer the second one. This: Compositing 2 Different Exposures may help you combine your core images.
  16. I would suggest sticking with Registax 5 (far easier to use than 6 and less "buggy"). Try this tutorial: Astronomy Shed UK Astronomy Forum • View topic - Registax Planetary Tutorial as a starter.
  17. There is a good DSS tutorial here: Astronomy Shed UK Astronomy Forum • View topic - Deep Sky Stacker There are also quite a few written and video - just goolgle "DSS tutorial" and they will appear.
  18. Exellent images Todd - well done.
  19. A good first image. As Montana says drop the exposure a bit - you can easily "brighten" an image but it impossible to reclaim one that is overexposed (or "clipped" as its often called) darkening white is still white! When using liveview you may need to set the exposure quite high to get a good viewable image, then drop the exposure to actually take the picture. Hope this helps.
  20. Maybe just get a lappy and plug/control the camera from that - you can use one of the free camera softwares like APT or "the other one who's name escapes me!!":o If you already have the lappy then a £5 cable is all you need.
  21. Or if you want something to print and use at the scope: Lunar maps Just about every orientation possible!
  22. Hello Salvatore and welcome to SGL!!
  23. Bizibilder


    Hello Jim and welcome to SGL!!
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