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  1. Thank you all for the very relevant points you have raised. I think I will eventually go for a second scope but as yet not sure which one. Les
  2. Thanks for all the replies. Need to think about this as I do like my scope and can get it in the car providing the boot and back seats are free for the tube and mount. Problem comes when the dogs need to go as well as they normally go on the back seat. I think I will need to look at a second scope to take on holidays. Les
  3. I have a Skywatcher Skyliner 200P DOB that I am very pleased with apart from the size. I want to get a more portable scope that I can take out to dark sites. Can anyone recommend a more portable scope with similar performance to the one I have. There are so many to look at and would like to pay around the same price as my existing scope. Thanks Les Think I may have posted this in the wrong forum but I cant see how to move it to maybe equipment advice.
  4. Les S


    Hi and welcome. This is a great place for us newbies. Lots of help from everyone. Just ask the question and you will get lots of helpful advice. Good luck Les
  5. Les S


    Hi and welcome. This is a great place to learn from people who are more than willing to help. Good for us newbies Les
  6. Les S


    Hi and welcome. Great place to ask questions and get good advice. I started 3 months ago with a Skywatcher 200p Dob. It's a great scope. Also I use binoculars as it amazing what you can see with them. Good luck Les
  7. Hi and welcome. This is the place for us newbies. Always someone willing to help. Les
  8. Les S

    New member

    Hi and welcome. Great place to get loads of information for us newbies. Les
  9. Great scope and I can fit mine in a Yaris on the back seat. The base just fits in the boot with the parcel tray removed I got mine on Astrobuysell 2nd hand but well looked after. Still learning and its great fun on the Dob. Les
  10. Hi and welcome. Great place for us newbies. Les
  11. Hi and welcome. Great place to learn from a lot of people who know so much. Good for us newbies Great choice of scope
  12. Hi and welcome. Great place for us newbies Les
  13. Hello and welcome. Great place to ask questions and get loads of good advice. Les
  14. Les S


    Hi and welcome. Great place for us newbies Les
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