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  1. It's very nice, well done. There is a slight blue gradient though easily removed in PI.
  2. Quite often a diagonal shot on this one gets the running man in as well, keep the interest going, well done.
  3. This pair are always a difficult, the background would benefit from SCNR as it is very green, a good mask and a background desaturation would make a big difference. Very nice otherwise.
  4. Always nice to see this FOV and the small galaxies of which there are plenty, very nice.
  5. Thank you Trailer Trash but none of us starts off with the right kit or the skills, it takes years if not decades, stick in there. Anyway I thought some might be interested in the crop of the lower arm and the rings of Ha which are very prominent, the more you look the more rings you see, small and large.
  6. Thank you for the encouraging comments, and no I don't live on the far side of the Moon though my wife might disagree. In truth I I've never tried 900 sec subs but trying to get any definition in the arms of M33 is a nightmare. However processed in PI it has turned out OK. The well depth of the KAF-16803 is superb, no noise reduction was carried out Here is an RGB sub screenshot sample.
  7. Latest attempt on this the most difficult of targets. ~2 hours a channel, RGB 600 & 900 & Ha 1200 sec subs, 14.5" f3.8 Newt, G4-16000, Paramount ME.
  8. Could you perhaps explain your thinking and the relevance to Sky Glow suppression?
  9. I'm certain many who have imaged M33 will have struggled to get decent arms in the galaxy and I regard it as my nemesis. Previous attempts have been hours of RGB data accumulated but never quite got there to my satisfaction even with my 14.5" f3.78 Newt. I recall from many years past Jerry Lodrigus and Ron Wodaski extolling the virtues of leaving an IDAS filter in place even in a dark sky site as it cuts out sky glow etc but I've never been brave enough to try it with the few clear nights we get here in Central Scotland. My usual RGB sub length is 8 or 10 mins and that's about as far as I can
  10. One of the frustrations in trying to remotely operate the Observatory at the bottom of the garden is turning things on and off and trying to adjust the brightness of the Light Box for flat fields. A couple of years ago I decided to knock up an Arduino based relay controller using a Arduino Mega 2560 and one of those cheap 8 channel relay module boards from Ebay. The windows user interface is coded from Virtual Studio 2017 would run on the Observatory PC and TeamViewer used to control things from the house. Illuminated On & Off buttons controlled the 8 relays and a sliding Track Bar adjus
  11. Thank you for the comments, I print all my images on a Canon Pro-10 Printer and the best outcome is achieved when the image is slightly brighter to start with. For some reason Astro images don't print as well as daytime shots as the fainter detail seems to get lost. Wonder if anyone else has found this to be the case. Graham.
  12. Hi All, The recent clear spell of two Moonless nights allowed 2 hours per channel RGB on M33. M33 for anyone who has tried it will know just how faint the arms are. Imaged on 14.5" Newt, MI G4 Camera and Astrodon filters. Graham.
  13. Very nice, beautiful star shape and nothing overdone. ... another couple of panes next year to get the wings. Graham.
  14. Actually I used the wrong XISF file to convert to a jpeg so here is the right one, sorry. The Moravian G4-16000 camera is a 9 micron camera. Graham.
  15. Thank you all for the very kind comments and the identification of the asteroid .... I did wonder what that was. Graham.
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