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  1. Today in a Sue Ryder charity shop I bought for £5, a Kershaw 'Binocular Prismatic No 3 Mk II Magnification 6x' … SN 28266 & manufacturing date '1917'. Surprisingly for a 100 years young binocular, the optics condition and collimation are perfect. Looking forward to comparing the image quality with my 1990s Zeiss 7x45 which have similar F.O.V. The is the second Kershaw 6x binocular acquired; the first WW2 model was serviced (including nitrogen purging) by Tony Kay at Optrep in Selsey; Tony is probably the UK's most experienced binocular repairer and he also serviced my Quantum 25x125. Best wishes dunk
  2. dunkCambs

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    Thanks again for the welcome - here;s another 'observers in action' photo taken at the Stargazing Live Event, Leicester racecourse March 20 featuring observers from Peterborough Astro Society and Stanion Stargazers … it's a simple way of taking photos … three layers of red cellophane over the TTL flashgun's lens and use the camera in B&W mode set to JPEG … and best to use a lens which is the equivalent of a semi-wide angle e.g. 35mm on full frame or 23mm on APS-C Regards dunk
  3. EDIT: … but maybe those plastic nuts are to minimise damage if dropped onto the mirror? dunk
  4. Thank you Dronno … Your opinion and links are very helpful . Maybe I'm being swayed in favour of the 'scope ... again I guess lots of 'scopes require tweaking to get the best from them . Does TAL offer anything similar in Russia? How do TAL prices in Russia compare to e.g. SW et al? Did you experience cooling problems before you added the third fan? Those plastic nuts do look 'so so' quality … 'spoil the ship for a halfpenny-worth of tar' … Cheers dunk
  5. Thank you very much Steve for advising of your experience. I'm not so keen now to acquire the 'scope because of possible and alleged QA issues - and I'm still not convinced that the 'BK-like' glass is as good as regular BK glass. Whilst not ruling the 'scope out completely I'm thinking that would be better to consider other options. I've never been totally convinced ref Dob mounts' potential longevity - especially those made from 'board' rather than e.g. decent plywood. The fact that the ES 16" is made from aluminium would or should offer longevity - but given its reputation e.g. threads requiring attention before it could be assembled (according to published review) it might not hold its value. Best wishes dunk
  6. dunkCambs

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    Thank you all for the warm welcomes dunk
  7. Thanks; I'm aware of which dealers sell them and have them in stock or can get one in a few days . Need to see an 'in depth' review … the Sky at Night magazine review is too short … And would welcome opinions ref the glass described as 'BK7 like ' … either it is BK7 or it isn't . dunk
  8. Started researching after reading Sky at Night mag June review … still researching … have not seen any listed on UK ABS but have not yet searched there. dunk
  9. dunkCambs

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    Hi I'm dunk from Cambridgeshire and wish to introduce myself . I use observation binos including Canon 10x42 IS, Docter Aspectem 40x80 and Quantum 7.4 but considering purchase of ES 16" Dobsonian discussed on the forum. Look forward to finding out more about the ES 16" . One current project is photographing astronomers in action without compromising their night vision - something I've worked on for the last two years and still developing the technique but getting some reasonable results. One of my 'Observers in Action' images Best wishes dunk
  10. Just joined the Forum after reading this thread and considering possible purchase ES 16" DOB but discussion herein seems to have halted? Any snags with the 'scope apart from those previously hinted at ? What concerns me is the term 'BK 7 like' as if glass is a BK 7 clone ? Any issues with this type of glass? Has anyone used the 'scope regularly this year? If so any major problems ? Best wishes dunk
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