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  1. I made an offset filter cell for my 10 inch SCT years ago. It is constructed of PVC sheet so it is quite durable. In addition I made a separate filter cell for my finder scope.
  2. That is correct. the only way to see "earthrise" is to be in orbit around the moon, ala the Apollo CSM. Oddly. if you stayed for a month on the Moon, you would see the earth fixed in one place in the sky, and it would go through phases as the sun slowly travels across the sky.
  3. I have a ten inch Meade OTA, Years ago I assumed eight inch models were the most popular.
  4. You would have to observe during the lunar nighttime on the far side of the moon. THe astronauts reported that the Earth was four times brighter than the full moon in the lunar sky when they were there. In addition you would need a new clock drive as the luanr day is 29 d 12 h 44 min 2.9 s not 24 hours as it is on the earth. You would also need to adjust the eyepiece optics as you would need a lot more eye relief as you wold be viewing through a faceplate. the telescope gears would have to be lubricated with vacuum reated grease. Finally, the telescope would have to be insulated with aluminiz
  5. I mean the Apollo Programme....for British English
  6. THat is a great photomosaic. But it is the terminator, not the perimeter. I learned that during the Apollo Program.....
  7. In a nutshell there is no polar alignment unless you have the telecope mounted on an equitorial mount or a wedge. THe two and three star aligment is for alt-az operation.
  8. By the way, solar flares are relatively rare and are not visible in white-light solar filter equipped telescopes. Those filters show sunspots on the photosphere.
  9. I own a Coronado Helios H-Alpha solar telescope. I witnessed a solar flare only once in it, and it was the only time I saw any color other than red in the telescope. THe flare showed up as a white crack shaped object onthe face of the chromosphere.
  10. Within 50 year we will have personal robots that will dfo the grunt work of setting up our telescopes wile we banter wioth other astronomers and/or outreach clients.
  11. Modern solar filters are place at the objective end of the telescope. So-called solar filters in the old days were screwed onto eyepiece barrels and were notoriously dangerous as the intense solar radiation would cause them to crack and fail. I have been using and highly recommend front solar filter cells that utilize Baader AstroSolar Safelty Film. Telescopes fitted with this type of filter show quite pleasing views of the solar phototsphere. More information on Baader AstroSolar Safety film can be found here http://www.baader-pl...ofi_start_e.htm
  12. This particular apparition of Mars is not the best either. It is an aphelic opposition and Mars subtends only 13.9 arcseconds, making it especially poor. Compare that to the famous 2003 opposition where Mars subtended 25.11 arcseconds, or in 2018 when there will be a perehelic oppositon when Mars will subtend 24.3 arseconds. Observing and imaging Mars takes a lot of patience, to say the least. I plan no imaging of Mars for this lousy oppositon.
  13. I find that using a Telrad is much cheaper and more effective than using a green laser pointer as a finder. In addition the green laser pointer has a drawback if you live in an urban area where there are a lot of aircraft and helicopters. You would not want to inadvertently illuminate one and blind the pilots.
  14. Well, this particular apparition is not a good one. It will be quite some time before we get a good perehilic Mars Opposition
  15. The object of the original program is so you can run it on your local computer without having to be online. While your suggestion is valid, it would be better if the original developer would update his program to run under Win 7.
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