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  1. Slynxx

    Slynxx Learning Curve

    Some of my first trials at astrophotography. Of any space objects.
  2. Wasn't a great night as seeing was poor. Managed to get this image of M31 with the same setup as the Orion Nebula image.
  3. Guess Star Adventurers (unguided) are out of the question?
  4. Thanks. This is probably the best image i've taken so far (started properly june 2016). Before I owned an Alt Az mount & couldn't do what I intended to do as in AP. Wish I'd known that when I bought the setup. I'll keep plugging away & see what result i can get. Clear Skies
  5. Thanks David. I had to discard half the images do to a rise & fall to the images being taken. The stars would basically move up & down in certain images, leaving me with only 30 x 60sec exposures. I'm speaking with a friend who Hyper Tunes & need to send him a few subs to show him the pattern. Hopefully limiting the bad frames somewhat. Fingers X
  6. Much appreciated. Hope to get a good few hours on it one night. Nonetheless, quite happy with that.
  7. bit of an update as to the potential of the Star Adventurer. I took this image with my William Optics Zenithstar 71 mounted on the SA with my Canon 700d + x0.8 Reducer/Flattener. 30x60sec exposures used, darks & bias. No flats. This was only Polar Aligned with no guiding. Considering the weight on the mount, it really can do some amazing work.
  8. Yes it's a an image of the Milkyway. Believe it to be below the summer triangle. Only been at this malarky since june (2016) when I got the SW SA . All were trials to learn the skills needed & also the processing techniques used.
  9. Image taken with SWSA, Canon 700D, 75-300mm EF III lens. If I remember right each sub was a good few minutes long (unguided). I have reached easily 5 minute subs with using this setup mentioned. Good luck with yours & clear skies!
  10. I've achieved well over 5mins subs with Canon 700d and 75-300mm EF III lens. Much harder with the WO ZS71. All trial and error. Found using a ball head raises the subs time frame as you don't need to adjust the alignment when you unlock everything for your target.
  11. Have to agree with you to an extent. I own a ZS71 + WO 0.8x R/F + Canon 700D attached to SW SA. It is hard as nails to get the subs time up from over one minute, I know this from experience. A solid based tripod certainly helps this cause. Ok, some purists are laughing or foaming at the mouth about the SA but it can, with a little patience & some swearing... produce some good quality subs. Here is my setup & my first light with the SW + WO ZS71:
  12. Believe my tripod can hold 6KG, also don't open it up fully on the bottom set of struts. I find that helps with rigidity. The WO is heavy but i've been able to do some moderate imaging with it in this way. I'm going to experiment with the ball head & see what differences I can get. I'll post back when the weather decides to buck its ideas up!
  13. Shudder the thought indeed I was using it last night and the weather has started to turn cold here on the coast (I'm now wearing trousers for my sessions). So far it hasn't budged, that's with loosening the battery to turn it on & off. It has been stuck on the L Bracket for weeks now & doesn't drop off, even with knocking it a few times due to my tardiness..! Also answered my own question from earlier, the two screws for left & right fine alignment tuning were loose, so the mount was moving. Still might try it with the ball head to see if it has any better effect of maneuvering without dealigning the whole setup.
  14. Two pieces of blue tack do a grand job without the £6 postage not a bad find though.
  15. Been having a few issues with alignment lately due to mounting a WO Zenithstar 71 on my SW SA. The issue I'm having is.. once I've aligned using the Polar Scope using the SAM Console & then moving the scope to its target, the Adventurer goes off track (left or right) and I can't seem to get the tracking back, even though it's within the ring in the polar scope. I never had any issues while mounting my Canon 700D + 75-300mm EF Mk III lens using the ball head. I don't use the ball head when the WO is mounted, that is screwed directly to the L Bracket. Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcomed. I have achieved ok tracking although very frustrating using this method but as of late I must be missing something! Here is an image of M45 shot over two nights using this set up.
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