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  2. Thank you for the warm welcome from all of you! I'm still learning my way around the SGL site. Lyle
  3. Thanks to all of SGL Staff & Members, All of your inputs to my 'Basic' questions have been appreciated. I noticed that the majority of SLG members are located in the UK. I didn't know how you Blokes would react to a Yankee! I quess I can safely assume the are no borders in the areas of Astronomy / Cosmosology. I am thankful for this! Besides, I am no stranger to the UK. I had a wonderful experience during the years I was over there. I flew across the big pond more than once. I landed for the 1st time in London Heathrow on Jan 6, 1984 (my 21st birthday). I lived in the southeast district of Suffolk, in a city called Ipswich for about 6 months and then moved to the small community of Shotley Gate, across the River Orwell from Felixstowe. We visited Dover, London, Nottingham, and a dozen old castles, to include a half a dozen trips to Europe. I always remember the people being very gracious and polite. I almost feel like I am revisiting in some way. Lyle BTW - I made the rank of 'Nebula' today!
  4. If I buy the 10" Dob, I'm thinkin of building a small roll around platform with a leveling device on it and fabricate a light weight structural cover with a low watt bulb in it to keep it dry, and store it outside in the shed. Just pull the cover off and roll out into the the yard/garden, or to the vehicle. Good luck with your set up and enjoy your scope. I can't wait to get mine!!!
  5. Ronin, That's some good info! I realy like this site. I want a scope geared for DSO, but also capable for clean planetary obsv. I recently purchased a new HP laptop computer and printer, therefore, (being married) I have to allow some time between computer and a New Telescope, less I wake up with a shaved head or worse! Know what I mean? Thanks again, Lyle PS - I am very interest in other DSO - like M-42 in Orian.The children and I played around with a little Tasco 60x700 about 20 years ago. I want to revisit them with a real scope and get my 10 year old grandson involved. He was not impressed with the Tasco last time I got it out.
  6. Thank you! I will be taking all info into acount. I have picked about 14 different scopes, did a few calculations with regard to specs vrs $$ and the 10" Dob came out on top. Yet, as I told Ronin I have a lot of research left to due! Thanks Lyle
  7. PS - Did the reference of 1200mm scope in regards to Diameter of lens, or the focal lenght?
  8. Ronin - thanks for your input! Every little bit of info helps, I am just learning about scope specs, what /w which will give you this! Further study ,Q&A, ect is needed on my part. I'm in no great hurry to purchace. I want to buy one that I will enjoy. I thought 10" Dob would capture M-31 ( as advertised ). I just want to show the family our neighbor galaxy. I will have to do some further study on deg's in FOV & Magnification per your advice! Thanks again! Lyle
  9. Hello Everyone, I have spent countless hours on the Internet researching telescopes, types and specs. Does anyone have any 'pros and cons' on the above Orion 10" Dob scope? I want too see the plantets in clarity and also view M-31+, etc!!!Any input would be appriciated! Thanks,LyleLink - http://www.optcorp.com/orion-skyquest-xt10-classic-dobsonian-telescope.html
  10. This ranking system ( my self being a 'Vacuum' ) reminds me of my military Basic Training. During training we had no stripes, they called it being 'a slick sleeve' and a 'Pinger' - as one who bouncing around, unaware of where they're at, or where they're going. I am LOL at all the comments. Thanks, Lyle
  11. Thank you Ant! This is exactly what I was looking for. SGL has its business in order.
  12. I appreciate the warm Welcome that I have received from the staff and members of SGL. I am still trying to navigate my way thru the mechanics of the web site. I am a quick study at most things! I guess I will find out in due time! Sincerely, Lyle
  13. I watched BB in my earlier years, but I focus on College Football & NFL Playoffs and the Superbowl
  14. Thank you for your reply Ron! I have to humbly confess that the photos on my intro were not taken by me. As I stated in my intro, I downloaded them from the internet. I was sitting in the barber shop reading a magazine article on Big Bend National Park, TX, whereas I saw a great photo of the Milky Way, as viewed from the Overlook -http://www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g60733-i75755270-Big_Bend_National_Park_Texas.html -- Seeing this photo and others, I started searching the internet for more photos. I liked the one from Death Valley, CA best. Once I get the equipment I need, I plan on traveling to a similar site some day!
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