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  1. We had LED streetlamps fitted a month ago - no warning letter from the council (no surprise). They seem to direct the light downwards and only illuminate the road. The previous lights lit most of our front lawn - now just the fringe. Sadly the LP in the area is still to high for great seeing. So as others have said if it is done correctly (no stadium lights!) then it can be an improvement.
  2. Thanks for the post, I think I may go down this route at some point. I've not seen a Heritage 130P with the extra tube at the front, is it removable and does it make a difference? Oh and is it DIY?
  3. Skysafari and Mobile Observatory have been recommended to me but before buying anything I have tried some free ones. Google Sky Map is good just point your phone / pad at the sky to ID what's up. (I prefer to avoid MS and Google normally!) Heavens above is useful, listing nightly events and many satellite tracks but a basic sky map. Night Sky tools is also useful but almost has too much information for a beginner. It does have a good moon map, details of meteor showers and much more. Plus it has calculators for AP exposure times, telescope magnification and resolving power and many more. My current favorite though is ISS detector, great for ISS and Iridium - has a compass and elevation meter which is great for a beginner like me.
  4. First sighting for me last night at 2350, mainly clear sky in East Yorkshire. Observed for approximately 3 minutes, much more exciting than Iridium flares. I did see another satellite or similar at 2349 going in the opposite direction at a similar elevation but was unable to track down any ID on my apps.
  5. Agree about the mount. The SLT might be better for Astro Photography. As I have been looking at all things Astronomy recently I can say that there are a lot of scope only (OTA) sales on ebay and elsewhere.
  6. Sorry Knight, newbie strikes, got the name wrong!!
  7. Hi Brown Dwarf, love the theory / practice signature as a golfer it is one of my favorite lines. Also like the good info on noctilucent clouds, helpful for a novice like me.
  8. A really Ace(y) post. As a beginner simple information helps a lot. I took a quick look at the reference paper and thought TMI squared. 8/8ths cover is not helping me see anything (10 days new scope 2 days observing! Including day 1) much less the Milky Way.
  9. As a beginner I am pleased with my Heritage 130p - bought after much positive feedback on SGL. I have tried the ptfe tape on the focuser but it just chews it up into a small ball, need to try again. Interesting report on the zoom, not something I had considered, and if (or rather when) I get into this stargazing it will be on my shopping list I think.
  10. Wonderful little Sar Hopping guide. Added to my growing collection of info. As a novice what I really need is some clear skys.
  11. Thanks for the advice Bomberbaz. The 18/12 combination makes sense. Unsure the budget will stretch to Xcells at the moment as I don't want to go to far until I know the kit is going to be well used. Just bought a used Vixen 8mm NPL for under £20 to see what the difference is with a better lens. That's it EP wise for now - need to do some viewing - now where did I put the cloudzaway spray??
  12. Many thanks Warthog for the original post, very helpful to a beginner like me. Having read many of the posts I am going to limit my initial (!) EP collection to two (8mm/18mm) plus the two basics with the scope (Heritage 130p). Unsure about the barlow - need some more research, also for the best EP for an F5 (though need to allow for an upgrade if this takes off) Cheers Golfey
  13. Many thanks to all of you that have said "welcome", much appreciated. I am looking forward to participating in the forums, initially much reading and gaing information. One day I hope to contribute something useful, perhaps starting with a review of my Heritage 130p. Cheers Golfey
  14. Hello everyone, First I must say a belated thanks to all at SGL for all the useful info. I am now the proud owner of a Skywatcher Heritage 130p Dob. Why? I wanted a simple setup and portability. The most important piece of info I worked from was - your best telescope is the one you use. Already impressed by views of Jupiter + moons. Cannot wait to see Saturn. Just read great piece by the Warthog about essential ep's. Looking forward to lots of clear skies.
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