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  1. Had a quick go at Neptune and Uranus this evening as well in my 12" GoTo dob. Didn't allign very well so the GoTo missed but it was easy to starhopp in the finder from orange Lambda Aquarius to Neptune. No sign of Triton this evening. Have seen it with adverted vision around new moon before. Put my planetary camera in and it easily showed Triton above the planet but could not locate it visually even when knowing where it was. GoTo worked satisfactory to Uranus. Well, it was within the finder at least. Tried to look for Oberon and Titania but no joy with them either tonight. Color wise I find Uranus white with a faint greenish tint while I find Neptune graywhite with a faint bluish tint. Personally I don't see much color in either of them.
  2. Thanks, It's been RGB alligned the best I can in Reg6. The different colors are slightly different sizes. Due to the low altitude I think. Or is it due to my poor aligning and stacking maybe? It's the same on the Mars image but it doesn't show as much.
  3. The 5th of June I finally got a clear evening in Aberdeen and got to observe and image Mars and Saturn. Though I'll share my first real (I don't count Mars in November last year) attempt at imaging any of them. Considering they were both only at 11.5 degrees altitude now here in Scotland and it is my first attempt I'm surprised at how well it they turned out. Seeing was decent but I've visually seen a lot better on Saturn a few times last year before I got my camera. Never seen Mars in my current scope before but the difference from my Celestron Astromaster 130 I had 2 years ago was massive. Mostly because it was a lot easier to focus. I've upgraded to a dual speed Moonlite focuser on my current scope. It's a good improvement to the stock single speed Sky-Watcher one. Mars taken 23:39 and Saturn taken at midnight 00:00. Taken with 12" Sky-Watcher Skyliner GoTo DOB barlowed to about f23.5 with 3xTV Barlow, ASI 120MM-S, Baader RGB filters. Recorded with FireCapture, stacked in AutoStakkert!2, sharpened and combined in Registax6. For Mars I recorded 3x2000 12ms frames @83FPS. Used gain 50 for R, gain 65 for G and gain 85 for B. Stacked the 3x100 best frames. For Saturn I recorded 3x2000 35ms frames @28FPS. Used gain 95 for all. Stacked the 3x100 best frames. Being fairly new to imaging and processing I wonder what you guys think?
  4. I recently got this scope. 1. The base diameter is 64cm. 2. I got the Tracer 8Ah battery and one full charge has powered the scope for a total of 14 hours of observation so far over 5 nights. It has used up the 3 green LEDs of the battery level meter but still has 2 red LEDs left to go. I've jumped around the sky quite a bit with the go-to and a great time (and power) saver is that you can manually help pushing the scope along during the slewing. The 7Ah should easily power the scope a full night of observing. 3. My scope came with the V4 SynScan handset. Hope this helps
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