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  1. Great! Only two screws for collimation so that takes some getting used to. Taking it to a star party this weekend to have it looked over by someone more experienced than I.
  2. That's twice now we've looked up and saw something unexpectedly awesome. First was the Space Station being chased down by the Space Shuttle
  3. So we had our first, not sure what the heck we just saw moment Monday. As twilight died down, I began to see the massive aurora display underway. We loaded up some equipment in the car, telescope, binocs, camera bag, bug spray... My wife exclaims- satellite um...maybe! I looked up at the object appearing over the trees to the south heading directly North. My first thought was airplane with landing lights on in a fog. (Except clear skies) It was a bright light, with a circular glowing haze surrounding it. Then she pointed out- "but there's no blinking lights " And she was right, no red, green or white blinking lights, just white steady light, just like a satellite. As the object moved north the central bright light disappeared but the circular glowing haze continued moving north. My camera was packed in the car so I wasn't able to get a shot of it. Thoughts on what it was?
  4. Finally ditching the shoebox! Got a number of astronomy camping trips lined up and knew that everything needed more protection and to be sealed from dust. Found this case with a gasket around the lid. Planning to use the middle for solar filters.
  5. You observe its true speed when it flies directly overhead. As the angle changes its speed appears to slow down but its apparent size begins to change instead. Its actual velocity remains constant.
  6. I have no idea what marmite is but I love astronomy
  7. What a fun mystery. Good luck! Be sure to use only a handheld phone with camera to record and digitally zoom in and out multiple times and cause your autofocus to go wacky for half the video.
  8. I was just able to track the ISS manually with my dob and I have to say, that's given me a bit of a bug to try and image it. Nice pics!
  9. Shoot, for as wide an fov as that gives, he can just hold it.
  10. I use a heavy duty reflective solar blanket for my 2080 to keep it cool during the day. Don't leave it out too much since I use my front yard for observing.
  11. My Cat I bought used. Came with orig owner's manual and bill of sale. A 1980 8" Meade 2080. Also came with a tabletop wedge which doesn't see a whole lot of use.
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