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  1. Hi. I live in Vaughan, ONTARIO, right next to Toronto. It is light polluted. I still see a little bit of stars however. I am thinking of getting a filter that will help me see more objects. I am thinking of either the OIII or UHC filter and i can only afford 1 as i am only 15 years old. I would appreciate if someone helped me to choose which one i should get. THANKS!
  2. Hi. My friend might give my hs sony nex- 5 camera. Im think of using it for astrophotography. Problem: i cant find sony t- rings on the market so i dont know if it would work with that camera can someone please tell me if it is possible and if not, other cheap suggestions of astrophotography. THANKS!!!
  3. is pickering, ontario a good place to look at nebulas? Is there a lot of light pollution? I am going there for a star party tommorow as i am part of rasc (royal astronomical society of canada) and this is my first time stargaing in pickering.
  4. Hello. I just bought the observers accessory kit for bh photo video. Surprisingly, they mixed up the filters a little bit. I was supposed to recieve a blue filter, red filter, and moon filter. When i opened the box, i had everything but a lunar filter. However, a filter called moon and sky glow filter was subsituting it. Im looking at the box with a picture of the filters on it and what i have is definitely not a lunar filter according to the picture. Luckily, i already have a lunar filter from when i first bought my nexstar 6se. I just wanted the eyepieces. Anyway, i am in Toronto, Canada with a lot of light pollution. Will this filter help take out some of the night pollution in the night sky and act like a uhc filter? I am actually really glad they made this mistake because i got the eyepieces and filters kit for $80 and im looking at prices online for moon and glow filters and i see them for $90 each just for the filter! Anyway, thank you for responding : )
  5. i just ordered a celesyron observer kit. it comes with a skyglow filter. what does it do. i live in toronto where it is very light polluted. will it help me look at objjects i cannot see with my light pollution like an uhcfilter?
  6. if my telescope has a focal length of 1500 and a diameter of 6 inches, does that mean the highest power eyepiece i can use is a 6mm? if i were to use something like a 3mm that went above the power of the telescope, what would happen?
  7. ok thatnks everybody. i really apreciate ur support!
  8. how come i cannot see nebulas or galaxies. i am 100% sure i am aligned. could it be because i live in a light polluted place like toronto?
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