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  1. Can I see any galaxys or nebula with celestron 15x70 skymaster binoculars if so where can I see them thanks as I am just amateur and finding it hard to find them
  2. It was zubenelgenubi exactly where I observed it on may 31st around 22.50mm it wasn't antares as that was next to saturn and was also on bottom left of the.moon that night
  3. Yeah this goes back sometime the bridge on the moon could it be a rock formation
  4. I think we should as.I think there is still alot more to be investigated and done with the moon
  5. Last night whilst looking at moon I noticed to the right of the moon was a red looking star and a white object just behind it any ideas on what it could be
  6. Hi I'm new to astronomy and I sometimes find it hard to work things out can someone tell me how a.planisphere works or simplify it for me cheers
  7. I bought celestron binoculars instead of a scope due to frustrating hours with telescopes I am a beginner and got 15x70 skymaster
  8. Hi and warm welcome to sgl from hull observer
  9. thank you for the website never new about it have you ever seen a comet with binoculars or teltelescope
  10. I think this Is a great idea hands on science at its best and as you say I think.kids would love it I don't think night time would be a problem as you remember they do over night stays at museums now
  11. I have seen.messier 51 near big dipper through my.binoculars that's was brilliant find.couldn't observe very long.though due to the weight of.my.bins
  12. Yeah the moon was an awesome spectacle to look at best thing.that took.my breath away is when you.look.up and see a couple of stars and then use your binoculars and there is thousands of stars and some.clusters and.double star that was.also a very good spot
  13. Thanks bigsumorian I only just started out in astronomy 8 weeks ago and that cluster was first thing isaw when looking up awesome view
  14. I think that is a great retirement plan what better to sit back and watch the solar system and universe are you a beginner ipso I would.recommend celestron 15x70 binoculars
  15. I'm haveing issues naming a cluster I have observed it is in cygnus and has been described as looking like a coat hanger any.names or advice where I.Could find out it name would.be great
  16. Yeah I.love star clusters as it was one of the first things I saw through my binoculars
  17. Hi rikm I have observed the coat hanger like cluster can you tell me it's proper name please thank.you
  18. Hi jaboo I have celestron 15x70 binoculars with hama 61 star tripod and binocular adapter and celestron weather station I love the celestron binoculars as the image is very clear and is also I.believe a good start point for amateurs like my self
  19. I first viewed the crater at the bottom of the moon with celestron 15x70 binoculars and I have also seen several star clusters wich where bright.blue around.the actual star I find star clusters amazing viewing
  20. Predicted text on my phone I do apologise is that ok with yourself
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