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  1. Be fair, I don't have a dark site anywhere near me that I can get to easily. I also think you know what I meant.
  2. This'll make your head spin. That galaxy 'you' were looking at last night, yep, it's not even where you looking - it's, erm (waves hands generally in some random direction) over there now!
  3. O. M. G! I fell out of my chair! No, seriously, I have a balance prob.... no I don't - I was, erm, laughing too hard. Nail. Head. Bang on, LOL!
  4. Because it's more beautiful and awe inspiring than looking down. To see something for yourself that you wouldn't normally see. Everyone knows about other galaxies but to actually see one for yourself - that's just incredible! To ponder the question "Is there life there too?" Grey smudges aren't much fun so some of us whip out the camera and start snapping away so we can see the true glory of the Cosmos. What else are eyeballs for? To think, THAT is infinite! To feel honoured that as a humble creature we can actually admire such beauty. It doesn't make me feel small and insignificant, it makes me feel lucky that such treasure is open to view. How can one be insignificant when the universe has you as a member of its audience
  5. That's pretty good. I was concerned at first that the image was so small until I scrolled back up and saw you were using a DSLR. You're going to be hankering after a webcam or planetary cam soon The important thing is you got that critter and you got 'im good. Nice one
  6. All very good images and show what can be obtained with our equipment. They certainly fill me with enthusiasm knowing that such images are within my reach. I look forward to longer darker skies.
  7. You've got yourself some fine looking pictures there Good level of detail, nice one
  8. Thanks guys. I learn something every time I capture the moon.
  9. Actually, it could be, now you mention it. You've just brought it to mind that a cluster I took a photo of came out green. The white balance sliders where all over the place, no idea how or why and not knowing I clicked on Auto and things appeared to clear up. That picture was taken later that night. Now I think about it my cluster came out colourless too. Many, many thanks, Dave. I will look into that when I get home, you're a star (no pun intended). Vikki.
  10. I would feed her a small handful of stars for a starter followed by a planet or two for main and then top off with a small slice of moon and crackers. If there's room then a small open cluster could be consumed for the road. She is a little corker
  11. VikkiFord


    That's a neat idea, I hadn't thought of that. Thank you :)
  12. Thank you, Dave. It was taken at 12:15am and was only about 12 to 15 degrees up in the sky so quite low.
  13. That's a thought. Take a peek, please: I've heard of The Ghost of Jupiter but have I discovered Saturn's Ghost? LOL!
  14. 1000 frame stack. Through AutoStakkert. Same process for Jupiter and Jupiter came out in colour. The video for Saturn also lacked colour. Not bothered really as it was a good piccy for a first go at Saturn.
  15. Very nice, and colour. I wonder why my one came out monochrome? 'Twer a colour camera. It's great to get a photo of something so far away and to be able to see those glorious rings. Nice one.
  16. Hysterical! It's all there. I've had two other expensive hobbies. One lasted a year (learning to fly RC helicopters - at £30+ per crash to repair). That was also a weather dependant hobby (wind is not an RC heli's friend and it is windy down on the coast). I got bored with it in the end. Not something you can do in the garden and with no car it was a pain to cycle it all to a flying site (weather permitting of course). Second is music. I like to compose and create orchestral-synth pieces and that is one hobby that has stuck with me. I tend to burn myself out producing 90 minutes of solid stuff in a year than gap myself for two years. That gear did, indeed, cost thousands. That is my one, none weather dependant hobby. Shame there's two bikes resting up in my studio, grrrrr. Need a bike shed.
  17. That's a good question. I had some that looked good on live view but ended up under exposed. Then I discovered that using the 'info' button brought up a simulated exposure thing that flashed if the exposure was under or over and was steady when the image on the LCD matched the image from the current exposure settings. I use that now. I think my exposure settings for a full moon were in the order 1/250 to 1/500 of a second. No filters. I just thought, some might say "use the histogram". Not tried that, might be worth a try. Vikki.
  18. That's a cracking picture, well caught.
  19. These two shots are 600 frames stacked. I was experimenting with my ZWO ASI120MC camera to see how stacking compared against EOS single shot. I was very impressed with the difference. I suspect I was pushing my luck using a 3X Barlow. Telescope was a 200pds: The following was taken with my EOS 1200D and tweaked for contrast and stretched a little (got a lot to learn there): Thanks. Vikki.
  20. Holy cow! will you look at the detail in that photo! Truly astounding! Would a red filter help my moon pictures? I find I lack contrast.
  21. It is very sharp. I must try some mosaics too. Great photo.
  22. "Wake up check folder to see if anything happened over night." LOL! You made my day
  23. That's just laz.... I want! Sounds typical, I bet you looked at the sensor as a nice hole in the cloud went by, just the way. As you say (grinds teeth) you didn't have to get out of (gnash-gnash) bed to do it. Talking of grinding teeth I awoke at 5am to bad jaw pain. I'd been grinding and compressing my teeth in my sleep!!! Flippin' hurt it did, oh, and it was bright as day outside. Hmmm, perhaps it was an omen of going to be hearing of a certain someone running their telescope from their - BED!!! LOL!
  24. I could be wrong, very wrong, but reading about the filter it only allows infra-red light to pass through it, the camera has an infra-red filter (that blocks IR) as its protective window. It strikes me that the Pro is blocking normal light that the camera filter would pass and allowing IR that the camera filter will block. Result - nothing. You can remove the filter on the camera as the body twists to unscrew, I think that might be permanent though and will leave the sensor without a protection window. Like I say, I could be wrong. Vikki.
  25. I have one of those eyepiece adaptors and it works really well. Except on my 130p, I couldn't achieve focus. In fact, I could only achieve focus with a DLSR if I used a Barlow. That's what prompted buying a pds 'scope, it was already adapted for photographic use. Here's what I did to my 130p to get it to achieve focus: Cut an inch off the bottom of the tube. I knew I should have gone for 2", one was not enough. Cut the spare plastic off of the focuser so it could move in further. Nearly there but I have to attach the camera adaptor directly to the T-ring thread on the focuser meaning the camera is at a stupid angle. OK, machine of the T-ring thread. Great! Now I can focus with the camera on its adaptor plugged into the a proper holder. I have about 5mm front focus spare now. The nose piece for my T-ring is the bottom of that adaptor you link to. Vikki.
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