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  1. Hi all, Here is a short movie demonstrating the slow motion of Venus in the sky. It was made during the transit of the planet through the Pleiades, from 500 photos (5 s exposure each) and a total duration of 1 hour 24 minutes. All comments welcome ! Fred
  2. This trailing is due to periodic error. The SAM periodic error is big, about +/- 90" (or 180'' peak to peak). This is why you shall perfectly balance your equipment on the mount to reduce it a the minimum, and not use to long focal length or exposures. The SAM is not designed for focal lengths above 150 mm or exposures times above 60 s. Look a the internals here : https://www.webastro.net/forums/topic/181169-star-adventurer-mini-périodes-des-rouages/
  3. Note that dithering is only available if you have updated the SAM firmware to version 3.10 or above. I took 10 pixels and arrived to that rule of the thumb: d' = 35 x p / F Where : d is the dithering in arcmin, to enter in the SAM console p is the pixel size, in µm F is the focal length in mm You cannot enter decimal numbers directly in the SAM console (at least in iOS). To do that, juste enter 0 and press Done. You will see 0.00 in the box. Then just edit the figures and don't delete the decimal separator ! I saved a profile for each lens/DSLR combination I use so that I don't need to calculate that again. Fred
  4. Hi all, I proposed at Cloudynights a thread with some tricks to improve the accuracy of the Sky Watcher mini equatorial wedge that many of us use for their mini tracker. Here is the thread : https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/700024-skywatchers-small-equatorial-wedge-improvement-solution/ Those tricks are quite straightforward and greatly improve the wedge's behaviour. Fred
  5. OK, nice insides, but could you give us more details than simple photos ? - number of teeth of each spur gear - diameter of spur gears - reference of the DC motor (if any) - reference of the gearbox (if any) or at least if you can unscrew its cap, a detailed photo of the internals - reference of all roller bearings of at least shaft diameter, external diameter, thickness and number of balls/cylinders All the best Fred
  6. Did someone succeeded in measuring the gearbox ratio ?
  7. Hi! The petition is now over 6000 supporters, and to celebrate that number, three new translations are available : - german (thanks to Beate Gauthier) : https://www.change.org/p/sony-sternenfresser-d - japanese (thanks to Boris and Makiko) : https://www.change.org/p/sony-remove-star-eater-jp - swedish (thanks to Nisse Rudhag) : https://www.change.org/p/sony-star-eater-se At the time I write these lines, the above petitions counters have not been merged to the petitions counter below. These three new translations join the following: - spanish (thanks to Mrs Degot-Longhi) : https://www.change.org/p/sony-comedor-de-estrellas-sp - russian (thanks to Daria) : https://www.change.org/p/sony-star-eater-ru - english (thanks to Aaron D. Priest, Thierry Legault, and Ian Norman for their review) : https://www.change.org/p/sony-remove-star-eater-en - french : https://www.change.org/p/sony-mangeur-etoiles-fr Don't hesitate to share these links to the forums and social communities you subscribe to ! Clear Sky Fred
  8. A rumor at SonyAlphaRumors says a firmware update may soon be online to solve the Star Eater but ... on mk II cameras only. Why not the mk I ? Source : http://www.sonyalpharumors.com/sr3-sony-will-soon-launch-major-firmware-update-fix-star-eater-issue/ Continue to sign the petition (if not signed yet) or share it !
  9. The petition has now gathered more than 5000 supporters. Many thanks to all supporters. https://www.change.org/p/sony-remove-the-star-eater-on-sony-a7-a7s-r-mk-i-ii-and-a9-cameras It will soon be available in Swedish.
  10. Some statistics about the supporters of the petition. No of supporters counted by Change.org: 4 394 No of doubles: 7 No of supporters without doubles: 4 387 Supporters by country: United States 1167 France 483 Germany 370 United Kingdom 296 Australia 191 Canada 153 Russia 147 Italy 135 Spain 105 Switzerland 94 Netherlands 81 Sweden 60 Austria 58 Belgium 57 Japan 55 Bulgaria 50 Hong Kong 48 New Zealand 48 Denmark 46 Singapore 46 Thailand 43 Taiwan 36 Georgia 35 Finland 34 Czech Republic 33 Norway 33 India 31 Malaysia 31 Poland 27 Portugal 25 Croatia 23 Ukraine 23 Brazil 21 Philippines 20 Greece 18 Indonesia 18 Romania 18 Ireland 17 Mexico 17 Hungary 16 Argentina 14 Chile 10 Turkey 10 United Arab Emirates 10 Slovakia 9 Israel 7 Belarus 6 Lithuania 6 Slovenia 6 Vietnam 6 Réunion 5 Serbia 5 China 4 Cyprus 4 Estonia 4 Qatar 4 South Africa 4 Sri Lanka 4 Kuwait 3 Luxembourg 3 South Korea 3 Armenia 2 Egypt 2 El Salvador 2 French Guiana 2 Greenland 2 Guatemala 2 Iceland 2 Kazakhstan 2 Latvia 2 Oman 2 Pakistan 2 Saudi Arabia 2 Algeria 1 Andorra 1 Azerbaijan 1 Bolivia 1 Colombia 1 Costa Rica 1 Ecuador 1 Ethiopia 1 Faroe Islands 1 French Polynesia 1 Guam 1 Guernsey 1 Iran 1 Isle of Man 1 Kyrgyzstan 1 Lebanon 1 Macau 1 Macedonia 1 Mauritius 1 Moldova 1 Montenegro 1 Morocco 1 Paraguay 1 Saint Barthélemy 1 Sudan 1 Tunisia 1 Uruguay 1 Supporters by continent: Europe 2299 North America 1345 Asia 433 Oceania 241 South America 52 Africa 17
  11. The petition has now been supported by more than 4000 persons! It is available in 4 languages: - english - french - spanish - russian Please: If you speak Spanish or Russian, post the links to the Spanish or Russian versions of the petition on the Spanish and Russian forums / Facebook/ Twitter... about photography, nightscape and astronomy ! Clear Sky to all Fred
  12. The petition just turned 1000 signatures a few hours ago, after being only 4 days online. Thank you all But the "quest" is not ending, the petition shall now be shared as widely as possible, in particular in the printed and online photography and astronomy magazines/blogs. If you know journalists or blogs editors, keep them aware ! You are also invited to ask authors of reviews of the A6000, A6300, A6500, A7 mk I and II, A7S mk I and II, A7R mk I and II and A9 to warn the reader of the Star Eater issue. For example no mention is made on the Star Eater issue in the reviews of DxoMark, Ken Rockwell, DPReview... this is misleading ! One request will not make them change their reviews, but several requests... Fred
  13. Hi all! A petition is now online against the Star Eater. It has been proposed by myself and reviewed by Laurent Laveder, Thierry Legault, Ian Norman, Damian Peach, Aaron D. Priest and Babak Takeshi. We invite you to sign it and share it to the max: http://www.change.org/p/sony-remove-the-star-eater-on-sony-a7s-r-mk-i-ii-and-a9-cameras Clear sky Fred
  14. You will find all details and periods associated to the gears, pulleys, belts and bearings of the HEQ5, EQ6 and AzEQ6 on this page I wrote some time ago : Periods of the various elements of the HEQ5, (N) EQ6 and AZ-EQ6 mounts
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