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  1. 46 minutes ago, Craney said:

    You have picked up a few galaxies as well.   That must be taken with a fair focal length to get that lovely detail on the nebula.    Pure LRGB or NB ??

    Taken with the Atik 4120EX OSC camera on a C11 @ 2800mm FL. all ontop a Mesu 200 mount. Also the Lodestar X2 on the ZWO AOG helped keep it steady tracking.

  2. Thanks Grotemobile. I'm glad you think so :D It took a lot of time to get all the subs I wanted, as the last few months the sky has been very hazy and not crystal clear as I had wished for. 

    I was finally happy with this image. More so, as I now wish to concentrate on M86 and friends in the Markarian Chain, if we get some more clear skies before the moon comes around again :)  


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