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  1. I have a decent telescope and 20x80 binoculars but also thinking of buying a10x50 pair but have noticed the eye relief is only about 12mm .Is this enough if you wear glasses, although i dont wear them while veiwing ,
  2. Hello out Iam looking for a app for astronomy , the one you can point at the sky and the constellation appears on screen ,could anybody supply for with a name or an alternative , Iam thinking it will help when the sky isn't clear
  3. Iam thinking of buying the Helios stellar 2 20x80 binoculars or celestron pro 20x80 binoculars , there's about 100 pounds different but seen to have similar features , will be used for astronomy . Which would be best.
  4. That's what I would have thought ,I am thinking of buying the standard 20x80 celestron binoculars and was reading a review saying to keep the cost down the objective lens were plastic .John
  5. Hello are the objective lens on celestron 20x80 binoculars made from glass or plastic ,I must say if plastic won't they scratch easily ,or are they glass John
  6. Thanks will it fit on a celestron pro 20x80 binoculars sight rail
  7. Hello has anybody tried the Altair starwave reddot finder , wondering if this one might do thanks
  8. Would the celestron 25x100 binoculars be prone to misting or fogging up in the cold weather
  9. So the 25x100, s are better for seeing more ,what might you go for power or Quality
  10. Is there much difference between 20x80 and 25x100 celestron binoculars , the Pro 20x80 binoculars are better Quality so will this outweigh the extra power of the 25x100s
  11. Will this finder fit the reflex sight ready rail , that comes with the celestron pro 20x80 binoculars , it seems like a better finder
  12. I have got some celestron pro 20x80 binoculars ,and am thinking of buying a celestron star pointer pro, is this a good sight for the Pro 20x80 binoculars
  13. I have a skywatcher and would like to buy a scientific explore 2x2Barlow will there be enough travel to focus ,or in what configuration Barlow first without adaptor with eyepiece .
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